Affiliate Marketing for Beginners- Choosing the Right Platform

Choosing the right place to create and build your Affiliate Marketing business is vital to your success and I was fortunate to join the no.1 Platform online a while ago and I have written this post to help you learn more about this place so let’s get into this further now.

There are more and more people becoming Affiliate Marketers because there is great money to be made if you do it right and with the online MarketPlace growing rapidly, there is no better time to begin your journey online in this Industry.


So many Online businesses come and go, some because of choice and many others because of their Law Breaking such as Mobe who was closed down by the Law because of their dodgy dealings. Continue reading “Affiliate Marketing for Beginners- Choosing the Right Platform”

What is Wealthy Affiliate about – Scam or The Real Deal

Today’s message is to anyone who wants to know the real truth about Wealthy Affiliate

Everywhere people look online there is scam after scam and people all over the world are being sucked and money is being scammed from them all the time. The people doing this are getting away with it a lot of the time as well because as soon as they think someone is onto them, they simply disappear and a few days later come up with another site claiming to be the best thing ever online and do the whole money scamming process over again.

The Federal Government does great work and has shut down a few and MOBE was one Scam that is still being investigated after being closed down in June, but because of the volume of Scams online people are still managing to hurt normal people like you and I who are looking for an honest way to build an online income.

I was stung a few ago and felt very dubious about trusting anyone online again until I found this amazing platform to begin my online journey.

Wealthy Affiliate- Scam or the Real Deal?

100% Real and absolutely the best platform ever to build your online business. Why? Well, let me share some of the things Wealthy Affiliate offers their members.

Wealthy Affiliate has been around over 13 years and is growing exponentially because of Kyle and Carson the 2 founders and owners who are constantly either in the community helping people or behind the scenes thinking of more ways to make it better for all members- These 2 are such great young men with Integrity and a love of helping people succeed online and I value both of them immensely

Training- there are 2 training programs you can go through and I suggest to people I introduce to Wealthy Affiliate is to join for free and do the 1st few lessons to get a feel if this is something you want to continue with and if it is I suggest going premium and taking advantage of everything that is offered as a premium member.


There are no hideous up-sells. All you do is buy your own domain for around 415 for a year and pay $49 for your membership which includes

Hosting, SEO. Analytics, SSL Security, 50 websites-25 free and 25 with .com domain names. 24/7 Technical Support, 1 on 1 Coaching, live video training, an amazing community of over 1800 experts who will answer questions you may have, Live chat 24/7

Wealthy Affiliate also has 2 Affiliate programs within the platform you can use and make money from and the commission payout is said to be the highest in the online Affiliate Marketing industry and I can testify that it is. 🙂

What do I have to do?

This question is easily answered.

You choose a niche/product/service you really enjoy and you build a website, which takes around 60 seconds to build. What!!!

Yes- you choose your WordPress theme ( Over 3000 to choose from as a premium member), you add your domain and click create and voila- you have a website ready to build on by adding content, product reviews and a whole lot of other great stuff.

By doing the training step by step you will learn all the skills and get all the tools to make it easy for you to build a truly successful online business.

Some niche examples might be Basketball Shoes for juniors, Western Saddles, Skin diving, Horse Gear, Dog Health Products, Green Living, Vegan recipes, Cats and toys, Teeth Hygiene, Camping Gear, Model Trains, Hot Wheels…

There are literally Millions of niches and I always tell people I am helping to choose something they really enjoy and also something that can be monetized along the way as this is what business is right.

Content writing   Best way to start an Online Business

This for me is really important to tell you about as you need to be aware of the entire process when making an informed decision and Content Writing is a big part of building a successful website. I guess you will already know this as every website you visit has content otherwise it wouldn’t work online. 🙂

So when you build your website you are going to be writing content and adding it to your site and I always suggest to everyone I help. Write as if you are having a coffee with a good friend and talking to them as this way your writing flows and is real and people can relate to it.

if you want to learn more about writing, then click here for more writing tips

If you just write words down without feeling, it can be really off-putting to people visiting your website and it also feels insincere which is really not good if you want to attract lots of traffic to your site.

Affiliate Marketing- The how too

Ok, so now you have got quite a bit of content on your website so how are you going to make money?

By becoming an Affiliate Marketer- How? By joining different Affiliate Programs relating to your niche. For example, let’s say your niche is Motorbike Jackets

You may join Amazon as an Associate/Affiliate and once accepted you will get your own link to use to promote different jackets for Motorbike riders.

Here is an example of what this would look like 

There are 2 examples of jackets for bikes and on Amazon, there are so many so go see for yourself.

Amazon is the biggest online shopping company as you may know so becoming an Affiliate and adding product links will get you a lot of commissions if you learn how to do product reviews within Wealthy Affiliate training.

All you do is simply add a review on your product niche, add a link to your product and when visitors arrive on your website to read your review and choose to click on your recommendation, they will be taken directly to Amazon or any other place you Affiliate for and buy a product and, Yes, you get paid.

You don’t have to buy a product or sell products. All you have to do is learn how to write excellent reviews on products and help people learn about new and exciting products and also products you don’t recommend.

How do you do this? As I have said, join Wealthy Affiliate for free and have a good look inside this awesome platform, do the 1st 10 lessons and then decide whether you want to build a successful online future so you can one day have time and money freedom.

Before I finish today

I want to thank you for stopping by and reading this post and I hope I have given you a thorough explanation of why Wealthy Affiliate is not a Scam and how in fact it is rated the no.1 recommendation for anyone to use to become successful online.

You can learn about e-commerce, affiliate marketing, how to market to social media and the best one of all, how to build a truly successful website that will keep you ahead of the competition.

Start today and make 2019 the best year you have ever had.

I hope you join me at Wealthy Affiliate so I can help you become another huge success story.

you deserve it 🙂

Bye for now- Oh and if you have any questions or feedback, please leave me a comment and I’ll reply to you within 24 hours






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