Accelerated Web Solutions- The Best Choice for your Online Business?

Accelerated Web Solutions – is this Company the Best Choice for your Online Business Growth?

Pricing: $299, $399, $499

Rating 20/100

Why would you pay this much to have someone make your website, write a few articles and a few other trivial things and you are meant to think this type of website is going to make you money. Hmm…

This seems extremely overpriced considering my knowledge with this sort of business and I  don’t believe their training will actually teach you everything you need to know either. The reason I feel this way is because of the way they have their site set up.

It does not say trust us- They have the words – THE TEAM and talk about some things the team can do but there is no photo of the team or the owners, which feels strange. All they have are icons.

I always feel welcomed when there are people, don’t you and I mean real people, not paid actors as you see on many sites.

Their telemarketing approach is to ring people and ask them if they would like to make money working from home which of course 1000’s of people are wanting to do as the Internet grows and more and more Companies are turning to the Online world to grow their business presence and attract more customers.

Then they ask you if you have the Internet and a Credit/Debit Card and if you answer yes to this, they begin their speel to you to convince you this is all you need to become successful online.


I am a member of a really great platform, in fact, its ranked as NO.1 on the Internet and for many reasons and I did a comparison for you to see what the 2 companies offer and the price difference

As you can see in this comparison Accelerated Web Solutions is expensive and here is what you get with Wealthy Affiliate as a free member and a premium member

Writing a review for a Company can be quite a challenge as it only my opinion from lots of research I have done that allows me to share some information with you and I feel it is my duty to do this as I have had so many companies contact me randomly on the phone offering me everything and when I go to the site to check everything, I can’t get in without paying- No 7 day free  trial, nothing and this is a Red Flag to me.

Accelerated Web Solutions is charging 3 Different Rates and if you look at what you get for the $499 it is way overpriced

Here is an example of this  

These guys have some up-sells as well that are not included n these prices and they are essential to business growth and website rankings etc

Another thing for me that was a huge Red Flag is that they spin their articles by changing the titles, changing the paragraphs around and other things that can ruin the reputation of your website and Google Yahoo and Bing, hate it and will come down on the site.

Also, imagine with the visitors to your site- How will affect them. They will be reading articles and realise what is going on. Are they going to stay? I don’t think so!! And will they return? No, and they will spread the word as well and down you go.

The other thing is, their $499 package is worth around $79 from the sums I did, Not $499.

And the final thing that got me was at the bottom of their page, I clicked contact and the button didn’t take me anywhere- It didn’t work however the other buttons did which was weird. Just my thoughts.

Review- My final thoughts

I have searched over 50 Companies similar to Web Accelerated Solutions and I have asked them if I can take a look inside and they answer, No, every time, which doesn’t make me feel comfortable about spending $499 or even $299.

Surely if a company is a great company they would invite to in to see who they are and how they operate as this would gain trust and also give you an idea of whether it is worth the money. Seems fair to me. What are your thoughts on this?

The final thing that really bugs me about them is they don’t tell their clients how much effort is needed in building a truly Success Online business and what you need to make it work well, stay ahead of the competition or the fact that 5 Articles isn’t going to make it a great website. Try 50 plus really great posts.

The more you help people the more Google Yahoo and Bing like you and the closer you get to the 1st page on each of these search engines and that is where the big money is.

Just saying as it really is worth working to get to the 1st page. When you type a search into Google, how many pages do you look through on google or do you just head off to a website from the 1st page? I know my answer to this 🙂

If you have any feedback, please leave it in the comments below as I appreciate knowing if I’m on track helping you when you visit and if you would like to know more about Wealthy Affiliate then click here and go and see what its all about and ask questions there as well if you need to

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