Best way to start an Online Business – 5 Important Tools you will need

Best way to start an Online Business

Welcome to Cool Change 4 u and today is all about building your online future and the best way to start an Online Business so let’s get into this further

An idea to market- Your Niche

The best way to start an Online business is 1st you find a niche. What is a Niche?

Click on the highlighted link for a full explanation or understand this. A niche is a product or an interest that can be monetized, taught, learned about and much more for example.

Here is a niche on –

What is the best fantasy football magazine to buy and as you can see there are over 30,000,000 results for this subject? Incredible huh?

How to start an Online Business








Here is another example of a niche

Best way to stat an Inline Business







As you can see again there are millions of results online if this was a niche you were interested in and again the 2 examples are easily monetized as you build your online business.

By now you will be getting an understanding of niches and choosing your niche is really important as you move forward to the next step.

Domain Name

When you start thinking about your domain name it is important to make sure it relates to your niche so the connection is noticed by Google Bing and Yahoo when you get online and rolling.

Also when choosing your domain name try to keep it as short as possible. The shorter the better- are some of the biggest names on the Internet and although you are not likely to get a 1-word domain, you need to try and get it as short as possible and NEVER have hyphens in the name as in I-love- as it is not ideal. If your domain name is taken, often suggestions with hyphens will show so just try again.

Try to if you can as this is fitting with a business whereas .org is more a teaching feel.

Think outside the square a little as you are trying to figure out a great domain name and always have it relate to your niche/business venture.

WebsiteBest way to start an Online Business

Next as the best way to start an online business, is having a really professional website will bring success so you want to take your time when building your site and look at other sites to get ideas and to see if you are on track.

I chose to join a platform to help me with all my startup needs and I suggest if you are serious about building a successful online niche business you do what I did.

I was looking around for a platform that wouldn’t cost me too much money and it had to be a platform that gave me everything I needed and I came across Wealthy Affiliate one day and it said I could join for free with no credit card details needed and I decided to check it out.

I had a good look around inside the platform and within 2 days I bought a monthly membership for $49 and now have 4 successful online business websites, which is really exciting as with success comes more income – Bonus!!!

I don’t want to keep telling you everything here as it is not what I am focusing on but I think its worth you taking a look for yourself if you are serious about building your online future. Cost nothing to see for yourself


Ok, you have bought your domain, created your website and now you need to choose a theme and this is always fun. Using a WordPress theme and content editor is great as WordPress have 1000’s of themes and you can choose themes with special features, such as you may want to start an e-commerce store and WordPress have great themes for this type of business.

Wealthy Affiliate the platform I use has WordPress as part of the membership which makes everything so easy and it also has how to build a website and Yes, you got it, you can buy your domain name these which is really great and the cost for a domain name is comparatively cheaper than some places and with Wealthy Affiliate you have everything on offer as a member which means no worrying about anything relating to building and growing your business.

Ok, you have chosen your theme and you now are almost ready to have lift off into the amazing online world.


When you are building your website you are going to need lots of great content to help visitors too your site learn about your products/niche and your content must always be honest and engaging.

This will build trust for your organic visitors and people will revisit a site if they feel safe with what is offered. Really important also is to have great images representing your niche.

People love visuals and will stay longer on your site if it is interesting and not just a whole lot of words. Boring!!! Keep it honest and engaging as this is the key to a great website.

Keywords, Seo and the other tools

Using Keywords when you are choosing what to have as a title for each article is really important and Keywords and how to use them is a lesson well learned.

I use Jaaxy which is also part of a Wealthy Affiliate membership 🙂 and I use long tail pro and this is a paid service and also very good for Keywords


Seo and other tools for optimization

I’m not going to go into this too much as these tools are really for people who have done the things I have mentioned above.

SEO is Search Engine Optimization and is vital to anyone one who has a website and again I use Wealthy Affiliate as my platform so all this is done for me which takes the pressure off that’s for sure as learning SEO, CSS and all the other jargon is way too far advanced for me so I let the experts in the technical division of Wealthy Affiliate take care of this as part of being a member which is awesome.

In closing today

I hope this has helped you understand the best way to start an Online Business and if I can suggest one last time before I go. If you want everything you need in 1 place then join Wealthy Affiliate and let your success be yours by working and building your online future with the training and support and everything else all included in a membership with the no.1 Affiliate platform

Go easy and if you do join I’ll see you and help you when we meet again online in the platform 🙂
















6 thoughts on “Best way to start an Online Business – 5 Important Tools you will need”

  1. I have a running website which I created in the last three months, but my stumbling block is in creating content. In the last three months, I have just posted 16 posts and there is no traffic, can I achieve anything with that pace?

  2. This is great instruction for those wanting to start a business. Starting a new business is daunting and many times people don’t know where to turn.

    I remember seeking out my website. I was so scared but now I’m an old pro. There is much education now, including what you have provided, to offer help to frightened newbies.

    Thank your for the article.

  3. This is a nice overview of what you need to start an online business. Having all the tools you need in one place, as we do at Wealthy Affiliate, makes the process much easier and less confusing. Thank you for sharing.

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