Best Website Building Tools 2018 – The Essentials You Need

Here at Cool Change 4 u, we are all about helping people develop their online presence and today is all about the Best Website Tools for 2018 and onward into the future.

I’m Vicki the founder of Cool change 4 u and a successful online business owner of 4 great online businesses and I love helping people create time and money freedom and today I hope to help you.

There are some essential tools you need to be truly successful online. It’s not about finding a quick fix, but rather a good plan, great tools and time to create and build a successful website that gets seen and loved by Google, Bing and Yahoo.

So let’s get into this so you can start building your online future as this is where the world is turning and online business is growing rapidly to due to the power of online marketing for most companies.


Depending on what type of business you are considering you are going to want a theme that is relative to your business and WordPress has 1000’s of really spectacular themes that you can choose from.

I am a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate and through this platform, you get everything you need to build a successful online business and WordPress is incorporated in the platform, which makes things so easy.

Product/ServiceBest Website Building Tools 2018

Products and services are called a niche and you will want to choose carefully before you move forward building your website as to what you feel you know about, enjoy and also how will this attract customers to your site down the track.

Hugely important and I suggest you write a list of the things you are passionate about, things you enjoy doing, learning or teaching that will be able to be monetized as you grow your website with information to help people with their buying options, learning options or anything else relative to your niche.

You are online to make money as this website is your online Business so building your website is all about the future income you will earn from your website and needs to be built correctly from the get-go.

Domain Name

Your domain name must also be relevant to your niche and please never put hyphens in the title and also a dot-com domain is more liked by Google and the other search engines so think smart and get a domain with no hyphens

We- are- here – to – please. com looks shocking and Google doesn’t like this at all. Also, try not to have a really long title for your domain name.

Really think about this before you buy and in Wealthy Affiliate, you can also buy a domain name there for around $15.99 for a year which is so great.


You are going to need a lot of really great articles/posts/blogs on your website to share information, product reviews, training resources or other important information to attract visitors to your site so be prepared to either outsource this if you absolutely hare writing or be ready to learn by doing some training on how to write really great content.

Again this is taught through the training within Wealthy Affiliate.


I suggest you download Grammarly to help you with spell check, grammar, punctuation, in fact, all your writing needs as it is a really great program to use.


There is a Keyword program inside Wealthy Affiliate that is offered as part of a premium membership and it is a great program however if you want to join Jaaxy to see how it works click here for a free trial.

Keyword research is taught in Wealthy Affiliate as part of premium membership as well for no extra cost of course.

Seo SSL and Spam Block Security

Serve your website over 256-bit Encrypted Connections as part of your membership with Wealthy Affiliate

Site Speed
Better Rankings, Better Engagement, and a 100% better experience for your website visitors.

Site Protect (Spam Blocker)
The problem with plugin spam blockers is that the spam still hits your site and Site Protect will guard against this with its state of the art security system in place

These tools are all part of premium membership within Wealthy Affiliate and are essential tools you need to keep your website running with greater speed and safety while getting good rankings as well

Platform to work from     

Some of you reading this may think we have been trying to get you to join Wealthy Affiliate by placing this platform’s name throughout this post and Yes, I highly recommend you join Wealthy Affiliate to create and build your online business and future income source.

The reason Wealthy Affiliate is the no.1 Affiliate Marketing Platform is for so many reasons so I would like to share a few before I finish here today.

What does Wealthy Affiliate offer you as a Premium Member?

Founded over 13 years ago by 2 Canadian men, Kyle and Carson Wealthy Affiliate has grown exponentially year after year and if you belong to Wealthy Affiliate, you know why.

This is a picture of what you get with the 2 Membership options

As you can see in the picture above, you get everything you need to build a truly successful business. All you need to do is go through the training, keep focused and determined to reach your Goals and of course, have a great work ethic to achieve great results and that’s it.

There are no hideous secret upsells to annoy you. What you see is what you get although there are so many other resources available within this awesome platform to help you move forward and 24/7 there is always someone inside to help answer questions you may have.


What I suggest you do is join for free, have a really good look around and if you are truly serious about building a website to create an online future, whether you work part-time right now or not this is the best place you will find for the best price I might add, to do all the things you want in the online world

Here are a couple of success stories you may want to check out

Vegas here I come and then there is this one Another great month and one more for you 🙂 Newbies check this out

So there are 3 success posts from Premium members who are in Wealthy Affiliate and loving it. There are too many to put up here as we would be here all day so come and see for yourself what Wealthy Affiliate can and will give you.

I will be there to guide you as you move forward and to offer my expert advice as well.

In conclusion today

I have  now shared with you the Best Website building Tools for 2018 and also the Essentials you will need so why not take me up on this opportunity to join for free now and come and see and get to know this  state of the art system for yourself

I can guarantee you, you won’t be disappointed.

See you in there and let’s get your online future started today

Keeping it real


Founder of Cool Change 4 u


email me if you have any questions and please drop a comment below as I love feedback.

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