The Six Figure Mentors – 2018 Review and are they really legit and worth the money?

In this review of The Six Figure Mentors, I am going to cover as much information as I can, so you can make your decision on whether this platform is a great choice when it comes to you building your online future so let’s get right into this now

Who are the Six Figure Mentors?

Name: The Six Figure Mentors


Founders: Jay Kubasek and Stuart Ross – started the business in 2011

Products sold:  High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

The cost to join: $29.95 which is a really great price but it doesn’t give you much at all.

Up-sells :

Student Access: $29.95 + $25 per month  really misleading as you don’t have access to everything you need to build your business and will have to purchase more Continue reading “The Six Figure Mentors – 2018 Review and are they really legit and worth the money?”

What is Wealthy Affiliate about – Scam or The Real Deal

Today’s message is to anyone who wants to know the real truth about Wealthy Affiliate
Everywhere people look online there is scam after scam and people all over the world are being sucked and money is being scammed from them all the time.

The people doing this are getting away with it a lot of the time as well because as soon as they think someone is onto them, they simply disappear and a few days later come up with another site claiming to be the best thing ever online and do the whole money scamming process over again. Continue reading “What is Wealthy Affiliate about – Scam or The Real Deal”

Top 5 reasons not to join Younique

Welcome to Cool Change 4 you and I have written this blog to share my 5 top reasons not to join the MLM company Unique

I have been involved in a few MLM’s and this one is one I would definitely not get involved with and here are my reasons why and are only my opinions from what I have researched Continue reading “Top 5 reasons not to join Younique”

Monarch Marketing – Is $4500- $5500 worth paying

Monarch Marketing- Is it worth paying $1000’s for their service when there are options for you to build your own website for a much smaller amount?

SSL, SEO Analytics and more for a lot less money.


I’ve been doing some research on how much people are charging to build a website and came across Monarch Marketing which is receiving a bit of hype from their Marketing Styles which made me a little more than curious to know more about them.

I went to their website and got quite a lot of information relating to what they offer their clients but when I dug deeper I found some things that didn’t fit well for me so thought I would share some of what I discovered with you here in the blog

Who are they?

Monarch Marketing is a Marketing Company that has been around for a couple of years now and they offer many services relating to website building, online marketing. Continue reading “Monarch Marketing – Is $4500- $5500 worth paying”

Melaleuca Direct Marketing – Scam or for Real

Hi and welcome to Cool change 4 u and today’s review is about Melaleuca the Direct Marketing Company.


After a lot of research and now using some of the products and finding out how Melaleuca works as a business, I thought it a really good idea to help you get to know more about this company so let’s go into this further. Continue reading “Melaleuca Direct Marketing – Scam or for Real”

Use Aweber Autoresponder- 2018 review on Aweber

Email AutoresponderWelcome to Cool Change 4

Today I have written a review on Aweber so you can determine whether this is something you might need and is Aweber a great platform to use so let’s get right into this

What is an autoresponder?

An autoresponder is a computer program that automatically answers e-mail sent to it. They can be very simple or quite complex however they are pretty much essential to any business who uses email. Continue reading “Use Aweber Autoresponder- 2018 review on Aweber”

The Wealthy Affiliate Review– Does it really work

Hi and welcome to Cool Change 4 u and today I am sharing my Wealthy Affiliate review with you

Who are Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that was created and founded by 2 Canadian men, Kyle and Carson over 13 years ago.

Kyle and Carson wanted to build a platform to help people from all over the world to learn how to build an online future for themselves as affiliate marketers and they have done a brilliant job thus far. Continue reading “The Wealthy Affiliate Review– Does it really work”