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Welcome to Cool change 4  u and today I am going to share what the Experts are recommending when it comes to creating financial freedom online and having spoken with these experts in person, I have no doubt that they know what to recommend so let’s learn more

There couldn’t be a better  time to build a Successful Online Business and create financial freedom and time freedom with the growth in the number of people looking to sell, buy, build, hire, rent, teach and learn, there are over 4 Billion people around the world online – This is incredible and what’s even more incredible is the number of companies offline, going online as they work hard to get more sales.

Experts Marketing on the Internet

say, that more and more Companies are building Affiliate Programs to encourage Affiliates to join to help market their products so becoming an Affiliate Marketer is the no.1 recommendation online.

Just imagine you are into gaming- The gaming niche is one of the most popular niches so if you like gaming and want to blog about it and link as an Affiliate to some great companies, then you, my friend could stand to make a whole lot of money online.

Heres another one- Fitness and another one Health and Wellbeing. These 2 are right up there with gaming and the money spent on these products online is phenomenal. Another reason to get started but you will need to work out of a great platform and this was another thing I found out through the experts.

There are literally millions of niches to choose from so Google a few that interest you

Snowboarding, fishing, Hunting gear, Jewellery, Skin Care, Clothing, Horses. Personal Development. Travel, home Products, Baby Gear, Art…..

Wealthy Affiliate Marketing – No.1 on the Internet

Ok, before I tell you all about the No.1 recommended platform on the Internet, I am going to tell you 1st, that I am an ambassador for Wealthy Affiliate along with 1.2 million members and when I 1st joined I joined as a free member to see whether the truth had been written in the review I had read and I asked the top earners every question imaginable.

To be honest, I think they were over it 🙂 But they were always so polite and helpful giving me the answers I needed and I love Wealthy Affiliate and feel so thankful I came across Kevins’review of this truly amazing place.

Carson and Kyle, the 2 Founders and Owners have been building and growing Wealthy Affiliates for over 13 years now and it is amazing.

A state of the art hosting system in place, 25 developers behind the scenes and a technical team that is incredible and answer any questions and find a solution to any issues very quickly- So great 🙂

Inside the platform, there are over 1800 Experts there to offer help if members ask for it and this is available 24/7 as is the live chat as well and in there are more experts offering you support and help with answers if you need them.

So what else?

2 x Memberships at WA

For people who just want to muck around and play about building a website, there is a free membership and it is really great for those of you that are not into creating Financial freedom Online and there is also a Premium Membership if you are ready to build your future Online

Here is a pic for to see what you will get: 🙂 and if you join for free and within 7 days decide to go premium, you will receive a special bonus and pay only $19 to become a premium member.

A cup of coffee $3 -Hmmmm. 1 less coffee and your own business. now that’s worth thinking about don’t you think?

Create Financial Freedom Online

Anyone who is serious about this can do it and I invite you to join me inside WA (Wealthy Affiliate) to get started on your business and future online.

Yes, it takes time as I have mentioned, and this is normal with any business, however, being Online is much easier than owning an offline business and the cost difference to run it is huge.

The only costs you will have are: Your Domain name for your website and the fee to have it hosted – That’s it- Everything is laid on for you to take advantage of and to become an Online Entrepreneur and if you start now 2019 will be awesome for you and if you work smart and hard, learn all you can like I did and put it in practice you will reap the rewards, that is for sure.

Here is a pic of some of the training 

I started receiving some income after 3 months and it just keeps getting better. I am not promising you, you will do this as we are all different, but I am saying, if you do the training step by step and implement everything, you are going to be way ahead of the competition online and your income will come sooner than those elsewhere.

People outside of WA, have not got the use of what we have and are not taught like we are and there is no way unless they pay someone $1000’s of dollars to help them will they get where we are and where we are going as we all grow and build more and more.

Wealthy Affiliate University is what our training is called by our members as it has absolutely everything you need to create and build an amazing Future online.

Over and above the training, there is a live weekly video training which is recorded to watch again and tutorial, pieces of training on specific essential add-ons to our sites, information on the best plugins, Training on how to use Keywords using Jaaxy out Keyword platform which we get as part of our membership.

SEO, SSL Security, Analytics, How to set up site Maps, Tracking and more all as part of our fee. Try and find this anywhere else on the Internet- Your search will not end as Wealthy Affiliate is the only place online that has it all for the small fee we all pay.

When Kyle and Carson started the business, they wanted it to always be a pay it forward platform and now in 2018 over 13 years later, that is exactly what it is and 1.2 million people from all over the world are members which again, says how great it is so…


Before I finish this post, I hope I have given you enough information to help you decide how you are going to create financial freedom online and if you join WA for free, I will be in there to help you and answer any questions you may have and so will other members who are working inside the Community helping people.

If you have any more questions before you join, then please ask me in the comments below and also if you can do me a favour and leave some feedback for me so I know if I am doing a good job helping you

Go well and Grow Big and I hope we can make 2019 your best year ever

Thank you for stopping by 🙂







Founder and CEO of Cool change 4 u






6 thoughts on “Create Financial Freedom Online – Internet Marketing Experts”

  1. Great post. I found Wealthy Affliate through an unfortunate experience online trying to make an extra income. It’s really been awesome so far. This is truly an awesome opportunity to achieve financial freedom and the best part is that anyone can be successful using this platform. The training is very straightforward and helpful and the members in the community are  very  supportive. 

    When I joined Wealthy Affliate, I remained a free member for as long as I was comfortable. When I went premium, I regretted every moment I wasted as a free member. This is a great investment, not a get rich quick scheme. Hard work and dedication is vital. I would encourage anyone who is interested but still not sure to just try it, it’s free and they can leave if they aren’t satisfied.

    Awesome post.

    1. Hi brenda and thank you very much for this supportive comment and Yes, I agree with you Wealthy Affiliate has everything to become success online

      All people have to do is learn and work hard =Success

      All the best and load of success in 2019 and beyond

  2. Thank you for this great post, I agree with you that there are a lot of ways to make money online and expert advice is so needed to pull through, Am a member of wealthy affiliate so I can’t agree less with everything you have stated,is such a great platform where everyone is ready to help you find your way around,A community of over 1.2 million people with vast online experience. 

    1. Hi Clement and thank you so much for your feedback today and I am glad you love WA as I do

      Helping people grow online is so much fun and with all the help you get from the members it truly is wonderful

      Enjoy 2019 and lots of success to you along the way

  3. Hello and thank you for this informative article Vicky. I really enjoyed reading it. I was always interested in creating financial freedom online and that is why I created my own blog. I saw that many people online recommend it as a way of attracting traffic and growing sales.

    I loved that you have metnioned Wealthy Affiliate because I am member there also. From the first time being there, I knew I was at the right place.

    The price, value for money, people and trainings – everything is just right. This website changed my world around.

    Thank you.


    1. and it changed my life as we;; Strahinja and also with 1.2 members in the platform I am sure there are 1000’s of success stories to be shared and I for one know success now and its awesome

      I love helping people learn what Wealthy Affiliate can give them  and all the very best to you Strahinja

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