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Earn extra money at home

Hi and welcome to Cool change 4 u and I hope this post inspires you to take action for 2019 and beyond.

If you want to earn extra money at home, it is a good idea to create a workplace for your online work so you treat this as a business and today’s post is going to give you the information you need to make it happen for you.


As long as you have an Internet connection and either a pc, laptop, phone or tablet, you can earn extra money at home as the platform I use is mobile friendly although I prefer to work from my computer as I enjoy the larger screen.

The Internet is growing rapidly with billions of people all over the world searching for things online every day so it is a perfect time build an income earning business.

It takes time to build a solid foundation for your business so if you are prepared to put in the work, then let’s keep going and see what it’s all about.

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You have the options of creating and building an e-commerce site or an Online business in Marketing and Affiliate marketing is what I do and have 3 successful businesses now and expanding into my next build very soon.

I knew nothing about website building, Online marketing or Affiliate Marketing when I 1st started out online and one day I came across a really great review about Wealthy Affiliate and knew I had to see what this platform was about and thankfully I learned how incredible it is and through this amazing platform which offers all our members equal opportunity to build a successful online business, you can earn extra money at home and if you work really hard, over time this will become more than a full-time wage and you will not have a boss either 🙂

Workplace Online

My suggestion is if you are working at home, it can become distracting with all the familiar things surrounding you and it is very easy to take your eye off the ball so I suggest you set up a place where you are going to work. doesn’t have to be fancy, just a good space where you can take notes, have your laptop or pc and when you are working always treat this time as being unavailable to anything other than what you are learning and growing from as this is vital to your success.

Set aside time every day if you want success and do not make excuses not to work otherwise the process will take longer and longer and eventually you will blame everything outside as the reason for this not working when all along it is because you stopped working towards those goals you set,

Your Workplace is your sacred space to create, learn and build and if you stay focused and learn well and apply all you learn, you will become super successful in the online world and this is my wish for you.

A Product, Hobby, Niche

What I suggest you do now is write a list of all the things you enjoy: Sports, Hobbies, products etc until your mind won’t give you any more ideas. Now from this list pick your favourite and when you choose this, make sure down the track it can be monetized as this is really important.

Ok, lets say you chose art supplies as your niche- or maybe health and nutrition or you are a personal trainer, maybe its sports equipment for football- there a millions of niches and you will be able to find on that you enjoy so google your ideas and check out how many millions results there are for each search you do.

Here is an example:) 

Even these 2 have millions of results and the items or interests are infinite so enjoy having a look at what your choices are and make your no.1 pick so you can get started.

Domain name/Website

Now its time to choose a domain name for your website and when you do this try to get a .com domain name or .net and also if you can try not to have hyphens in the name, for example, cat-and-litter-boxes .com as the Search Engines like it to be 1 word and .com if you can.

Now it’s time to create and build your website but before you do this you will need to choose a theme and within the platform I use, as a premium member you get to choose from over 3000 WordPress themes to use as WordPress is part of our membership

Click here to sign up for free to take a look around and see if this place is where you would like to be to build your future online.

There are over 1 million members and it is rated NO.1 on the Internet so you would be making a great choice if you do decide to become a member.

You can get your domain name, website, themes and all the training you will ever need inside Wealthy Affiliate and I recommend you go take a look, as it really is amazing inside the platform.

We have over 1800 Experts helping out 24/7. live chat, live video training, tutorials and 2 complete training programs along with hosting, SSL Security and the best SEO training around. All of these things will keep you ahead of the competition online if you learn and grow with focus and discipline and of cause hard work.

Nothing great comes without hard work unless you win a lottery and hey good luck being a winner- The odds are stacked against this and growing a business online is wonderful and the opportunities are endless on how to create a great income if you are prepared to work.

Here is an image of just some of the modules in the Online Entrepreneur Certification in Wealthy Affiliate


There are also 100’s of resources, answers to your questions as you move through the training and the most amazing community of people all helping other members and inspiring and encouraging everyone along the way- It is awesome 🙂

If you are working full-time, you can still earn extra money at home by working every chance you get to build a great website filled with really good information and visitors will be attracted to your site if you use the best keywords for your post/blogs.

Wealthy Affiliate has Jaaxy, its very own keyword research program for all members to use- It’s brilliant and research shows it is also ranked as one of the best keyword tools to use on the Internet. You will learn how to use this tool in the training as well.

What is Affiliate Marketing? Here is what Wikipedia say

If you want to read up on how to become an Affiliate Marketerclick her for more details as this post will help you learn what is all about


I hope you have enjoyed this post and if you have any further questions, please ask in the comment section below as I am here for you 🙂

I hope you take up my invitation to Join Wealthy Affiliate and learn everything you will ever need to know on how to earn extra money at home by having your own workspace online.

I also hope 2019 is the year you decide to make a really Cool Change 🙂

Go well and grow big 🙂


Founder and Owner of Cool change 4 u





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