How do I Make Money Online? Making the Right Choice

How do I make money online- What platform do I use to become successful?

I have been asked this question so many times by people who are frustrated with their current income and living standards so today is for all of you who are looking for some answers

Cool change 4 u was founded by Vicki, that’s me because I could see how many people are sick and tired of doing the same old stuff day in and day out and are looking for a Cool Change in their lives so let’s get into this

How do I make Money Online?


This is one option for you to make some money, however, I do not recommend it if you are looking for a really Cool Change as you will spend lots of time answering questions for very little return on your time.

A few years ago Research Companies hired people to go door to door collecting information and paid around $14.75 per hour plus mileage for your vehicle but nowadays, they offer you a pittance for your time.

For example, if you qualify to do the survey they email you, you will  go through around 15 minutes of questions for a few points that get added to your account and once you have around 2000 points, you will get paid $20 and believe me it takes a lot of time to get the 2000 points you need.

A lot of the time you receive emails inviting to do a survey only to find after you have wasted 5 minutes putting in their required data that you do not qualify at this time and then they offer a wee carrot by telling you, you will go into the prize draw. Yeah right.

Recommend 2/10

I could go on today and write about a whole lot of other pathetic ways to make a few dollars but I’m pretty sure you haven’t come to visit this website and go through all the crap offered online.

You have come to see how to make money online so here is my no.1 recommendation

Wealthy Affiliate – the no.1 platform to build your online future

I’m not sure whether you have heard about Wealthy Affiliate before coming here to visit so I’m going to share what I have experienced with this amazing platform to give you some inside information about what Wealthy Affiliate is all about.

Wealthy Affiliate was founded by 2 great guys Carson and Kyle over 13 years ago and these 2 along with a technical team of really incredible people have built a state of the art online platform where anyone can build a successful money-making business online.

I had been stung in the past by dodgy platforms promising all sorts of “so-called” amazing ways to make money and 100% of them were trying to scam me out of my money with hidden upsells, and more up-sells sometimes up to $3500 which to me seemed really not ok.

You may remember MOBE that was shut down by Federal Law due to its corrupt practices, well they are not the only ones trying to take peoples money through underhanded business practice and I’m so glad you turned up here so you can learn about a truly awesome platform that gives you everything you need to create and build your business online.

How much and why?

I joined Wealthy Affiliate for free and you are most welcome to do the same, in fact, I suggest you do this so you can do what I did and take a look around inside the platform to see what you think.

I joined for free and within 2 days I became a premium member and now have 4 online businesses all doing really great and you can do this too if you are prepared to work hard, focus on your goals and learn the skills and get the tools necessary to build a successful business future online for yourself.

Fortunately, Wealthy Affiliate offers all you need to do this for $49 per month which equates to a cup of coffee per day that you will sacrifice to become wealthy.

 Join for free and go premium within 7 days for $19

Promises of Money

I am not going to tell you its easy. You will have to go through the training offered within the platform, learn all the skills and it takes time to first build a solid foundation for your business, then add more and more great articles to your site to attract organic visitors who will buy from you, or learn from you depending on what type of business you want to build.

I am not here to tell you, you will earn X amount within 2 months or any amount for that matter.

Every person within Wealthy Affiliate is different. I chose to work really hard and grow my businesses and I started earning in my first 3 months, although the amount wasn’t anything to talk about as my site was very young however now it is a successful website generating income and I love the fact that I can work from home and I still work hard every day as my goal is to achieve financial independence and travel to whenever I choose whenever I like and one day these goals will be reached.

Why? Because every day I treat my online growth as a Business, not just something to muck around with when I’ve got nothing better to do.

I take it seriously and my passion is helping people build successful online businesses and that’s what I do every day for around 6 hours now.

Full-Time work- Part-time Career

When you 1st start building the online business you may work full-time as many of our awesome members do and this is great too because you have income while you are building and one day you will be able to say Goodbye to your current job and be your own Boss.

How cool will this be?

As I  said earlier it takes time to do this but if you are prepared to make a plan and work your plan, you will eventually earn a good income from your online business and money will no longer be an issue.

Choices with Wealthy Affiliate- What type of business?

I asked my self the same question you are asking” How do I make Money Online?”

Being at Wealthy Affiliate, you have numerous ways of making money. you could choose to become an Affiliate Marketer, where you build a niche website around something you really enjoy, for instance, camping and you could eventually join some Companies as an Affiliate, add your unique link for products and when visitors arrive on your site looking to go camping and click on your recommended products, they get taken directly to the Company and if they buy from the company, you get paid.


That’s Affiliate Marketing and within Wealthy Affiliate, you get 2 Affiliate programs to join as part of your membership which is really awesome.

Maybe you want to start a training program to teach people something you are very knowledgeable about or maybe you want to open your own online store. All of these things can be done through this platform.

How about becoming an associate for Amazon, or E-Bay or Nike, or Mattel. There a literally millions of companies needing help to promote their products and this isn’t going to slow down anytime time soon as more and more companies are turning to online marketing as this is where billions of people around the world are shopping every day

Before I go today

More and more people are growing their own online business and more and more people are making money this way so why not come and join me for free now and take a look around inside what I’m sure you will also feel is the best place to make money online

Start now and within 1-2 years you could be the next financially independent person living life on your terms and not being told how many hours to work and how much you can earn. Time and Money Freedom – How cool will that be.

People of all ages are doing this within Wealthy Affiliate, in fact over 99.000 active members are working hard within the platform creating success and here are a couple of success stories for you to take a look at







See you there, where I can help you create and build a website so you too can make money online

Go easy and remember


Owner of Cool change 4 u




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