How to be your own Boss in -12 – 18 months

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I feel it is important when you have done the work you needed to do to make some really positive changes that I share some information about how to really live with time and money freedom, being your own boss.

Today’s blog is all about how you can be your own boss and in a relatively short time frame.

Am I for real? Yes, I sure am and in this blog, I will share how you too can do this.

Before you keep reading though here are a couple of qualities you must have and if you have these qualities, you are already there 🙂

So what are these qualities

Determination to succeed                  How to be your own boss in

You must have the determination to keep motivated and work hard to achieve these results


You must focus on where you are going, not where you have been

Goals Set

You must write down what you truly want to achieve – Short-term, mid-term and long-term and these goals must be real not just some fanciful amount as in 1 million dollars as this is 99% not going to happen unless you win a lottery.

Growing a business takes hard work, a really great work ethic, preparation and planning and a real desire to reach your goals

A really Big WHY

If the only reason you want this is for money, you are most likely going to quit if the money doesn’t flow quickly, however, if you have a really great Why you want to be your own boss, then you will work hard to make it happen

Niche/ Product/ Service    

Step 1. Write a list of all the things you really enjoy, then when you have run out of ideas, please choose 5 from your list and have a really good think about these 5 things.

Ask yourself – Will lots of people like your choices and also really important, can you make money from these choices? OK, now pick your no.1 best choice and this will be your niche

If you feel a bit stuck, you can always google say, What is the best… and add a word or How do you…. and add a word or How many … are there in the world.

You are getting the idea now I’m sure and having a niche is really vital to this new business you will be developing.


Website/ Domain name

If you do some research you will come up with the same conclusion most people are coming up with and this is, the world is fast becoming an online world where people buy products, learn new skills and teach new skills.

Courses, Products, Skills, in fact, the Internet offers everyone something which is the perfect opportunity for you to grow a successful online business and the most popular is Affiliate Marketing so you will need 2 things. A website and a domain name relating to your niche.

Before you head off and leave here you may want to stay to see where you can get everything you need within one platform.



Writing content/blogs and adding them to your website will attract visitors to your site and by sharing product reviews, best-ofs.. and awesome information you will build trust with your visitors and they will return t buy off you.

How do they buy off you?

We will get to that next

For now, I want you to understand your website is going to need a lot of great content and if you are not a great writer you ave always pay a freelancer or someone to write your content for you.

I prefer to do this myself as it saves money and this is always good when you are new to the business.


Affiliate Programs/Marketing

There a literally 100000’s of Affiliate Programs online and once you have built a solid foundation for your site with great content, you will now want to apply to join some affiliate programs through companies relating to your niche.

So how do I get paid? On your website you will place banners and links to products from the affiliate program and when people visit your site and have read your review on some products, they will click on the links you placed on your site and will be taken directly to the company who sells these products for example Amazon and if they buy some products, you will get paid by Amazon.

This happens though All Affiliate programs and the more Companies that go online to promote their business the more affiliate programs there and it is neverending due this growth in how businesses offline are moving now.

Online is the future so if you want to be part of this very fast growing industry keep reading

Nuts and Bolts of how

I would like to Introduce you to Wealthy Affiliate, the no.1 Affiliate Marketing Platform where anyone who has the qualities I mentioned above can build a truly successful online Affiliate Marketing Business.

Wealthy Affiliate offers people from all around the world the opportunity to be your own Boss and there are a lot of members who have done this within 12- 18moths and some even sooner than that.

Whether you know very little or not much at all about how to do this, it doesn’t matter as Wealthy Affiliate have the best training a state of the art system, 24/7 support and a wonderful community of members who help each other 24/7 as well.

Here are the 2 membership options so you can see exactly what you will get. There are no hidden upsells. The only extra cost is your Domain name and this can be purchased for around $15.99 for a year which is so reasonable

Time and Money Freedom

How would this feel

You are currently working for someone else being told what hours to work, how to do what you are doing, taking breaks when told and also earning what your boss sees as a good wage.

Often people are working for low wages doing long hours without being cared about or acknowledged by management and imagine one day being able to leave this type of environment and working from anywhere on your computer or mobile while income just keeps coming in.

Passive Income is the best 🙂 It evens comes when you are sleeping, if you do it right from the beginning and work hard to build a really solid foundation for your website.

If you have the qualities I mentioned and you truly want time and money freedom, then I suggest you join Wealthy Affiliate and I will be in the platform to help you whenever you need and so will other awesome members of the WA community

Start today and from today mark a date on your calendar 18 months from now and work smart and hard whenever you have free time, every day/evening to build your way to freedom

You can and will be your own Boss if you do all the training offered inside Wealthy Affiliate. I know this for a fact and so do over 1,000,000 members  and before I go check out these success blogs from within Wealthy Affiliate and come and join me for free now


Remember this” If you think it, believe it and work for it, then so it shall be”

Your Cool change Success Coach signing off for today




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