How to Create Quality Content for a Website – Secrets to Ranking Exposed

How to Create Quality Content

The Internet is growing rapidly with over 4 Billion people surfing the Net and if you can learn how to create quality content for a website, you stand to become very successful online.

Hello and Welcome to Cool change 4 u and today this post is about Content Writing.

Learn the Secret Sauce you need to get up high in the ranking in Google, Bing and Yahoo and how this can really get your Business in the Money.


Before you start writing you need to have a Topic to write about obviously and maybe you have a Niche or a Product or Service you are wanting to help people learn more about so what I do is research on Google to see what type of articles are written around my subject choice and then once I have done this I go to my Keyword research Tool to work out my title for my Blog/Post.

Keyword research

I use a program called Jaaxy and I find this platform really great for Keyword research. So what is a Keyword research

Here is an image to look at and then I’ll go into this a little further

When doing your Keyword research, you want to try and keep your QSR or Quoted Search Results under 100, in fact, the lower the better.

You want your AVG which is the left-hand column to be as high as possible as this is the average amount of searches per month for this Keyword and always make your keywords make sense.

Having great keywords is essential to indexing and Ranking with the Search Engines so play around until you have a really great keyword to use

For example in the image above a great keyword to use is Create Free Website Business because as you can see over 100 people google this per month and the QSR is very low so this would be a really great choice for a blog

Let’s look at another one for you

Ok, AS you can see there are quite a few you could choose from although there are a couple that is not good English so always check for this, for example, Best Vitamin Children isn’t a good title as it should best vitamin for Children and I hope this helps when it comes to choosing the right Keywords for your Blog/ Post/Page/Article

How do I write quality content?

Now you have your Keyword research done and your title and what I suggest to everyone I work with is this.

Break up your post into 5 different titles for example

  • Tools you need
  • Skills you need
  • Payment Required
  • What you will get
  • Conclusion or Summary

If you do this before you start writing, it keeps you focused on where you are rather than trying to figure out what to write and thinking about further on in the post. This way tends to make your words flow more easily and you are more relaxed when you are writing.

Another Secret Sauce is to always be honest and write as if you were talking to a good friend over lunch or coffee somewhere really relaxing and you see how your writing takes on a really natural flow, in an engaging manner and the words just keep coming for you,

If you don’t write like this, your posts can be a bit unemotional and boring to visitors because they don’t feel a connection with you and won’t stay very long on your site if this happens so please always write from the heart.

People love to feel they can trust you when they are reading and if you give them honesty and engaging information, you will keep them on your site and also they will bookmark to come and see what else you write about. Really important to consider this.

Another really important factor to consider is your Grammar. Misspelt words and mistakes can be detrimental to your Success with Content Writing as people can and will be critical.

No matter how much we think our posts are correct, someone can normally read them and find mistakes.

I use Grammarly to help me and I love this program. I mean, I seriously love Grammarly and it has saved me hours of proofreading as it corrects for me and tells me if I need to change words, and even sentence structure which is so great.

Check it out here. You can get it for free or you can pay a small monthly fee to get everything you need

Take a look


When you are writing content, it is always good to consider adding external links to perhaps a reference to what you are writing about, an Affiliate link of course if you are doing a product review and also if you have a website, internal links are useful as well as often when you are writing you have more information to share and can link to a page within your own site to help  your visitors learn more on a subject

SEO and Meta Tags

If you have a website you will want the Search ENgines to know all about every article you write and SEO Search Engine Optimization so you need to add your Title and a brief segment of the 1st paragraph to the meta tag section at the bottom of your article and then click update. Also, it is good to add a feature image as well and in the alt text of the image, write your title as this is helpful in indexing and ranking.

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I hope you have enjoyed this information and I also hope you get some value from being here and reading through this post.

I would love to know if it has helped you in some way and if you have questions, please ask or email me and I will reply within48 hours

If you haven’t got a website and would like one, please click the banner below or the link above and in this platform, you will get everything you need to create and build a successful Future Online,

It takes time but I can assure you, it is worth every minute and if you keep working consistently you will know success and I wish this for everyone I help online

Go well and Grow big and Good luck with the Content Writing from here on in







10 thoughts on “How to Create Quality Content for a Website – Secrets to Ranking Exposed”

  1. It’s so important to write creative content, but it takes just more than that.

    You have to have a great niche, a great deal of knowledge about it, know what keywords to rank for and how to write as if you’re talking to a friend.

    Grammar and punctuation are very important because you want to come across as a fairly inteligent person who knows what they’re talking about.These point are going to help you rank better in the search engines as well.

    I am passionate about spelling and accuracy when I write because people reading this will pick up on it and not get a positive experience from your writing!I’m curious to know what you feel is the one most important thing to be successful when you’re writing an article?

  2. Jaaxy is a great tool to use and it makes a difference to be able to rank higher on Google. I have recently started my second website and I must admit have been finding it hard to think of different content to write. But with research and time I am sure I will be able to come up with more. 

    It is important to be emotive and not make it boring with the content. I think that its a good tip to use, to make it like your talking to a friend, which I try to remember. 

  3. This is a great review of all of the required parts of great content. I like that you broke up how to lay out a typical review article in easy to follow headings. Also, I never knew about grammarly. I usually have my wife read over my content to make sure it sounds good. This will free up a lot more time and make my content creation independent of needing help from others.

  4. I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate and writing new content for our websites is so important if we want to make our business work.  You have done a great job explaining what is needed to write great content.

    I was wondering what you think of hiring writers to write your content and if you do what is a fair price to pay.

    I will look forward to hearing your answers.


    1. Hi Dale

      I don’t use outsourcing as I love writing however go to freelances or fivver as you will get some ideas of prices there

  5. I use Jaaxy on a daily basis when doing my keyword research. It’s an awesome tool I can’t do without. Before that I will do some searches in google with broad keywords on the subject I’m, working on. Once I get the keyword or phrase that ranks well for me I will go into google docs and start writing my content. Later I will edit and ad photos. If a person keeps pumping out quality content on a daily basis the search engines will pick up on this and rank you well. Thanks for the informative article. I know many will find this information invaluable. 

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