How to Create Your own Website for Free

Welcome to another post, this time it is about building websites you own and today is all about  how to Create your own Website for Free which I think is a pretty cool subject to share with you so let’s get into it

Creating your website

At Wealthy Affiliate, you can create and build your own website for free.

You will have a few themes to choose from to get you started and of course WordPress as your writing platform which is a great platform to create your content and make your website design look very smart.

It takes a little under 60 seconds, some say 30 to create your free website which is pretty darn cool.

Domain name

You can choose any domain name relating to your chosen niche/interest and go from there.

Your domain name will not be a site or a site, but instead will be a site rubix site which is a sub-hosting platform within Wealthy Affiliate so your website might look something like this

You can also see in this picture 3 of the theme choices you have available to you and once you have chosen your theme and your name, you click create and with a few seconds you have your own website to build on with awesome content which you will write about your chosen niche/interest.

Niche- what is this?

A Niche is a particular interest you have in something that you love to do, love to see, love to eat, love to make… This is a Niche and when you learn how to create your website for free, you will learn more about how to build your site based on your chosen niche.

This is what you will receive as a free/starter member with Wealthy Affiliate.

If you want to go and take a look inside to see if this platform fits with you just click on the link and I’ll see you in there to help you as you need it.

Options- there are always other options to consider

As always, you also have a choice of going for a paid website and it is only fair I give you those details as well so you can decide what is best for your online needs. As you can see in the chart above there a the comparisons to being a free member or a paid member.     

When I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I joined for free to take a good look at everything inside and after 2 days, I knew this was where I wanted to build my online future so I upgraded to premium and this is truly the best thing I have done in the online world.

I have been stung with scams in the past and when I checked out everything inside Wealthy Affiliate, I knew these 2 guys, Kyle and Carson from Canada had built an amazing state of the art platform for everyone who wants to build a successful online business.

I grabbed hold and within my 1st month, I started seeing income. Now I am not saying this will happen to you but it did for me.

From the time I upgraded, I treated it like a business, not a hobby as some people do and this completely fine as well.

For me, I could see the big picture and wanted to work steadily as if I was in a job with a certain amount of work hours (except this time I am the boss). I wanted to build a solid lasting foundation for my online future and that is what I achieved and you can too.

The Internet today and in the future

We are seeing a trend online right now and that is this, It is growing so fast and billions of people are surfing the net every month looking for things to buy, to use, to learn, and more and the Internet is the place to do this.

Yes, people still go shopping in stores but this is decreasing as the internet becomes more popular. Offline business owners are shutting down or creating online stores by the droves to keep up with the trending markets and this is nor going to slow down.

As the world grows in population and technology is part of this growth, there will always be online futures for people who are prepared to work at it consistently and learn all there is to learn.


Google Alerts are great to set up for your particular niche as current articles are delivered straight to your inbox so you  can keep up to date and also write informative up to date articles for your visitors

Google+ is another great place to share your content and connect with communities and people all over the world- Should you join Wealthy Affiliate- you will learn all this in the comprehensive training offered to you at no extra cost.

you can also research Google on anything so when you have chosen your niche, you can do as much research as you like to increase your awareness and your readers’ interest.

All social media platforms are great to use as your website builds as this will attract visitors and buyers which is a bonus of course

Will I make money?

Yes, over time when you have built credibility with your website. When you own a business you have to build it 1st before the people will come and when the people come, you must be ready, then the income will come with the people and you will become successful.

There are plenty of Get Rich Quick SCAMS out there so if you want to play with fire, there’s where you should go.

What I am sharing with you today is a genuine opportunity for you to own your online business and learn how to develop it into something worthy of success and income of course and this will not happen overnight. Nothing great was built on Sand and this is the same for your business. It has to be solid to succeed.

In conclusion

I have reached the end of this post today but before I go I need to ask you a favour, please.

If you can leave a comment with your feedback I would really appreciate this thank you and should you join Wealthy Affiliate for free via the link, I’ll see you inside our awesome platform and will be there to help you along the way

Wishing you success in all you choose to do

Vicki- I made a Cool Change and so can you







2 thoughts on “How to Create Your own Website for Free”

  1. Hi Vicki,

    Something off of topic, I love your name. My daughter’s name is Vikkie.

    You indicated that you made money within the first month. How much money did you make? How many videos did you watch per day? What should the goal of my writing be? How many posts do you make per day or week? How many hours would you recommend putting in a week?

    1. Hi Liz, I made $70 in my 1st month which doesn’t sound like lots but it was amazing considering I had only just started with my own business
      I write regularly every day and I work around 4 hours every day from home and one day when my websites area ll rocking I will be able to do other things like going fishing as my biz will be running itself pretty much, but until that day, //i continue to focus on what is important to me building a great business
      I hope this helps

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