How to get off the money go-round – 5 steps to achieve money freedom

Today I am going to share what I consider a really positive way to help anyone looking to make a cool change in their life.

I made this change and it has turned my life into something way better than ordinary, so I thought it only fair, I tell you about what I did

The Money go round – what is this?

Why did I call this article how to get off the money go round and this is a good question.

My reasons are these: For many of us and I was no different I got stuck on the money go round. I relate it being on a merry go round. We go round and round and round and round going nowhere and when we get off we can feel quite dizzy.


Well, the money go- round is very similar. We are on the same money go round with our everyday lives.

We go to work, we come home, we pay the bills and we repeat this week after week, month after month and feel as if we are going nowhere. This is how so many people live their lives. Doing the same old thing feeling the same way year after year.

Some people like to live like this and don’t want anything special for themselves or their family, however, there are people who are looking for a positive change in their life but don’t know what to do to achieve this.

I was one of those people and when I found what could give me this amazing change I grabbed it with both hands and today my life is so different than before I made the choice I made

How to make a change – time to live your best life

We are all creatures of habit and making changes can feel scary and this is normal. We call this security. I disagree. your job is not secure. the company you work for may sell to another company and they may no longer want you on the team. Just an example of course. A job is what I consider as do many JUST OVER BROKE = Job. you have no control over how much you earn, the hours you work and a lot of you get no job satisfaction. you literally go to work just to get paid to support yourself and your family if you have one.

What if you could stay at your job, make a cool change and start working on your own business and then one day, yes, you guessed it, you can QUIT your job because you are earning more than your yearly salary and do not need to work for someone else.

How would you feel? I know for me I felt so free. I have time freedom, money freedom and this has given me choices on the things I love to do and while I’m asleep, I’m still making money.

No this is not a get rich quick scheme. This take work, dedication to your passion, perseverance, learning, fun along with knowing you are on track to succeed by following direction from other skilled people who will be there to help you.

Sound ok to you. Keep reading

What to choose? – Beware of scams

Online and you may know this already there are people who have set up sites and offer you everything, take your money and you get scammed. you lose your hard earned money, you can’t get it back leaving you feeling angry, disappointed and disheartened by the online world.

There is no such thing as a money treeMoney tee -hmmm

Money takes work

I got stung way back in the early days too and I learned what to look for very quickly and I suggest you do the same

Be wary of online scams- you know the ones that promise you. Make money now- you don’t have to do anything. Just join now for $.. and let us take care of the rest. This is a scam. They want your money and that’s it.

What determines a great opportunity? – Research

I have done research on a lot of online companies and my eyes have been opened so wide to the amount of dodgy online businesses that are out there.

When I found Wealthy Affiliates, of course, I was dubious.

I didn’t know much about them so I did my research and came up with exactly what I needed to make an informed decision and it has been the best decision I have made when it comes to an online opportunity.

Choose a Great reputation – Longevity and great reviews

Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 Affiliate Company in the world. Kyle and Carson founded Wealthy Affiliate 13 years ago and it is still growing every day with new members joining.

It is free to join and when you join you get to have a really good look at what Wealthy Affiliate is all about.

I know this because in order for me to make my decision I had to trust the company I would be working with creating my online business and I knew when I joined for free and looked around that this was going to be a really great place to be.

2 days after I joined for free, I signed up as a premium member which cost $19 for the 1st month and $49 thereafter which in my opinion are very cheap overheads for you as a business owner.

As a premium member, I get all the state of the art training, marketing systems, in fact, everything to create an income earning online business.

If you do the training offered as a premium member you learn everything you need and by following the easy to follow the training, you are well on your way to earning money.

Here are a few reviews to share with you

    I Just want to say in all my research on the subject of affiliate marketing Wealthy affiliate is genuine.
  • Wealthy Affiliate has been responsible in one way or another
    for a very nice increase in my income.
    I recommend this platform to anyone wanting to take their
    business to the next level. This is not just for new people
    although new people will benefit greatly from WA.
  • Wealthy affiliates have given me the opportunity to build an online business which is the future. The training is the best, the community of members are so helpful and the systems Wealthy affiliate use for marketing is phenomenal.
  • I am so grateful for being introduced to WA and I recommend Wealthy Affiliates to anyone, regardless of age who want to make extra money in a very honest platform

As you know when you 1st start a business you do not make money instantly. For example: Should you choose to start a business, think of all the things you might need.

Write down the figures, add them up and this will give you a pretty clear picture of the $ involved

Also if it is not an online business you will have overheads that are not cheap, licenses maybe, insurances and the list goes on. This is why so many people are looking for a cool change and as you know the Internet is seen by over 2 million people every day and it is the way of our future.

How to get off the money go round is easy. you just have to give it a try.

Are you ready? Start today if you truly want to get off the money go round and watch your life transform into something really special.
Sign up and get started by clicking the link below. It's free to join so you get to have a good look around and gives you the chance to make an informed decision. No risk


I’ll see you on the inside to offer my help when you need it

Bye for now


12 thoughts on “How to get off the money go-round – 5 steps to achieve money freedom”

  1. Hi Vicki. I love your analogy with the “money go round” and “Merry go round”  comments. I also love the way you said “Just over Broke=Job”, that is so very true. I often feel that I’m only a few weeks away from being on the street if I were to lose my job. I have worked very hard all my life and I’m sick of it. That’s why I came onto your site. I’m looking for a legitimate way to earn a living online. I will definitely be checking out your link to WA. Thank you for an honest approach to online marketing. Jim

    1. Hi Jim

      Good to have you here and you are welcome to join me in Wealthy Affiliate as I will be there to help you along the way and yes, you can build a truly successful business within this wonderful platform

      Thank you for stopping in and I look forward to working alongside you

  2. It’s so refreshing to see someone say up front ‘this is not a get-rich-quick scheme’ and ‘money takes work’. So many sites try to sell you the dream life with little effort. Of course, with the right tools you can get the dream life but it takes time and sweat. Thanks for the honesty, Vicki.

  3. Love the term Money go round. So relate to that.
    I liked how you gave your own story and walked us through the process. Pointing out the dangers of scams, really showing you cared and what to look out for.
    Well informing us and and what they can look forward too.
    Job well done 🙂
    It felt very genuine too 🙂

    Di 🙂

    1. Hi Di
      Thank you for such positive feedback on my article
      Yes, it comes from my heart and my life experiences that’s for sure and I am glad you liked it
      Call again 🙂

  4. Money go round – I was there too and did not like it, until I found Wealthy Affiliate. I fell for the scams but I consider it time invested in learning a great lesson! I see those scams and run!
    As you say money takes work, it takes time . Wealthy affiliate is the best platform to get one started on an online business that will be here for years! but you got to be focused and diligent.


    1. Hi Stacy
      I’m so glad you found Wealthy affiliates- I am also with Wealthy Affiliates and what a wonderful opportunity to turn life into something truly special and get off the money – go round
      All the very best to you Stacy and please come back to visit soon

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