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Today I am writing about Mind Power and How it can help you.

I could just say, change your thoughts, its so easy and I would be lying if I did. the truth is, it takes work to achieve Mind Power so let us get into it.

Believing in you

I want you to go back to when you were a child and think about what people said to you. Were they encouraging or were you put down for things you did.

Are any of these familiar to you?

  • Don’t do that, its stupid
  • Why do you always drop things
  • Grow up- you are such a baby
  • You will never be anybody- Just look at you
  • You are fat
  • You are dumb
  • You can’t play that sport- You will never be any good at that

I apologize for writing these negatives down here, however, I feel it is important to acknowledge anything you have experienced in your past because it affects your now whether you want to admit this.

Believing in yourself can be difficult if you have experienced negativity from your parents, peers, siblings, or so-called friends. The comments go into your mind and you start to disbelieve in your capabilities and this, in turn, hits your confidence, self-esteem and the ability to do things in your life. It really can stop you in your positive development of self-belief

Shifting the rubble

So how do you Shift the rubble? Great question. When you were born, you came into this world as a unique individual with your own built-in gifts and as you grew, because of other people attacking you with negative comments, you have been carrying rubble around with you. So how do you shift the rubble?

You 1st need to say to yourself- I am an individual. There is no-one else like me- I am unique with talents and gifts and I am worthy. this might feel strange at 1st and you may struggle with this but you need to say it to yourself.

The people that have treated you in a negative way most likely haven’t realised what they have done to you and there is no point hating them or becoming angry with them. This is who they are. This is NOT who YOU are.

It is their rubble and they have to carry there own rubble. It is not yours to carry and the sooner you decide to dump the rubble, the sooner you will feel lighter and more positive about yourself

ShampooingShampoo your mind

Shampooing your conditioned mind- What is this?

Very similar to shifting the rubble. Every time you feel a negative feeling or negative thought in your mind. Say NO and think about something positive. NO- I am worthy. NO, I am a cool person. NO. I can do …

You will start to notice a shift from allowing the negatives to feeling the positives inside and if you continue to do this everytime a negative arrives, you will notice more often than not the negatives will go away and you think less and less about negative things.

You are in Control of your mind, so start shampooing the crap out so all the good stuff can enter your thoughts.

Here is a short story as an example: When I was 17 I knew in my heart and soul and mind, I was going to one day become a singer. I knew I had a good voice and this was my Goal/Dream whatever you want to call it.

One day, while working in a superette stacking shelves, I started singing and a woman I worked with said.” Why don’t you whistle cos you sure can’t sing” I just smiled and carried on with my job.

Mind Power for youYears later I became a professional singer and one night while I was singing in a club with my band, the woman I used to work with arrived with her husband to listen to the music. I decided to dedicate my next song to her and I did.

I got to know more about this woman from a friend of mine who told me this woman’s daughter who was about my age had been jailed for 10 years for smuggling drugs.

If I had let this woman’s negativity get into my mind, it may have changed my focus to becoming a singer and when you think about why she was so negative. It’s sad as she took her pain out on me.

A lot of people do this and this can affect us if we let it- so don’t you let it affect you anymore. what’s done is done and what has been said has gone. Today is your new beginning so let it be as wonderful as you are

Mirror Work

To learn about Mind Power and how this can help you, I want you to stand in front of a mirror and say

  • You are a uniquely talented person (name) and you deserve all you want in life
  • You are kind, talented, caring, gifted and worthy of greatness

This may be a challenge when you 1st look at yourself and try to speak out loud but if you can master this, you are definitely using Mind Power – Remember you are in control of what you think, what you say and what you do so please, do this every morning when you wake and every night before you go to bed until it flows so easily and becomes fun to do

This will take time  and I congratulate you on doing this step to achieve Mind Power

If you click this link it will take you to a site for some free help as well

I ask that you do one thing for me and that is, if you have any questions please email me vicki@coolchange4u.com or leave a comment and I will come back to you within 24 hours

You are unique and awesome

Keeping it real


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