Living the Good Life – How do you do this

Hi and Welcome to Living the Good Life and how do you do this.


What are you looking for? Job satisfaction, a new career, to become financially independent, feel more confident, do something that scares you, travel……. The list is unending and in this article, I want to share what I have learned through my life.

The choice is yours – sound real

Living the good life– What does mean for you and is it even possible today. Working long hours, paying high prices, supporting loved ones, Bills, bills and more bills. Doesn’t sound very real to me.

It can be if you make good choices for yourself and making excuses means you want to stay the same.

I have coached people who say to me, I haven’t got time, I’m too tired, I haven’t got the money and a whole lot more reasons not to change and those who say, Yes, I can do this and when it comes to the crunch, they make excuses too.

We all get stuck in places, doing the same thing day after day and go nowhere. Living life feeling as if,”this is it” and accepting a mundane life.

Then there are those who want to live the good life but are not sure how to start and this happens to a lot of people.

Has it happened to you or are you content with just ticking along life’s path doing what you are doing? If you answered Yes to that question, this site is probably not for you.

I want to work with people who know that can do something better with their lives, have adventures by living the good life.

Living life on your terms with time freedom, money to do whatever you like or whatever you and your family like. Yes, I’m talking about true freedom.

Is this you? Great, welcome now let’s keep going.

Shampoo – your mind

From the time you were a child, your mind has been conditioned, by your parents, your peers, friends, teachers, work colleagues, family members and the list goes on.

So by the time we are young adults we have been conditioned to think a certain way, act a certain way and often because of conditioning we accept mediocre as ok.

It’s time to shampoo your mind and ask yourself this.

” If you could do anything and knew you couldn’t fail what would you do?”

The big question I know. Get some paper and start writing all the things you might like to do and just keep writing and you see. ideas will flow but you have to start to do it now, then come back and I’ll be here waiting.

Small steps – great gains

Great you have your list. Add to it anytime. Keep it with you and write things down when they come to mind.

This might seem like a small step but you are on your way to great gains if you do this.

What this list does is help your mind see outside what you perceive as normal, and helps you see and feel what it will be like when you start making changes for you.

Border Bullies – walk away

When I was young all I wanted to do was become a singer. I started playing the guitar at age 8 and sang every chance I got. When I was at College, I was asked by one of the teachers, what I was going to be when I grew up and I answered.

“A singer”. My teacher very quickly said I was wasting my parent’s money and the teachers time and should stop being ridiculous and choose a proper career. Wow!!! I couldn’t believe what she had said.

Then when I was 25, I became a professional country rock singer and I remember one of my friends say. “when are you going to get a real job?”

Again I couldn’t believe what she said. I continued with my career as a singer for 23 years and throughout those years, I practised every day, wrote songs, did recording, marketed my music and lived life on my terms.

The 2 people who spoke like they did were what I called border bullies. They were doing the same thing day in day out and they wanted me to stay in the land of familiar.

I think their minds could have done with a really good shampoo. What are your thoughts?

The Good life – what is this?

Living the good life has its challenges however for all the people I have worked with and met who are living life on their terms, they say, they wouldn’t have it any other way

When you work for someone else, they tell you how much you earn, how many hours you work, whether to wear a uniform, what time to have a break and you must abide by their rules or you lose your job.

If you are self-employed by creating your own business in whatever you really enjoy, sure you will have to work hard, long hours sometimes, you may not make a profit in the early days of your business, but you will be in control of your life.

You decide your hours of work, when you take a break, what you need to do to make it work and with focus, learning and believing in yourself, you can make it and be extremely successful.

I am going to share a business with you that,  I absolutely love doing. Time freedom, money, awesome people, no risk, in fact, you can have a look for free if you feel like doing this.

The overheads(weekly costs) are around $22 US and that’s it, of course, heaps cheaper if you pay for a year.

Wealthy Affiliates is the business and it truly is one of the best things I have done with my life. the support within Wealthy Affiliates is amazing and the training you receive is incredible and so easy to understand. So if you want time freedom and financial freedom, Wealthy Affiliates might be just what you need to get moving forward.

Don’t leave your current job just. You can do this around your job or whatever else you do and still be very successful. I still work as a Mentor for people and work on growing my Wealthy Affiliate business. Kyle and Carson, the founders are really great people. They are honest and they truly want to help all of us do extremely well through Wealthy Affiliates so why not come to take a look and see how you feel. You might find this is one of the greatest things YOU have ever done

I know for me it is – I  hope you have enjoyed this article and if you have any questions please leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Bye for now





26 thoughts on “Living the Good Life – How do you do this”

  1. Hi,
    I really got a kick out of this post today! I love the shampoo your mind analogy to overcome poor mental conditioning. And I thought about my own border bullies. I’m glad that although they may have slowed me down, they haven’t stopped me! Sounds like they haven’t stopped you either…

  2. Great post Vicky. Very good advice about shampooing your mind it is absolutely necessary sometimes in order to get things done. And of course we always want to make progress and not make excuses.

    I certainly agree about “border bullies”…had to tune a few of them out…unfortunately, not everyone is comfortable with stepping out of their comfort zone and when they see others stepping out of their comfort zone. they try to prevent that and it can be disheartening, but definitely can’t let that hold you back, must keep trekking on. 🙂

    1. Hi Lem
      Yes, border bullies can be disheartening but as you say, not everyone is willing to make cool changes and move forward with their lives.
      Great to see how positive you are and I wish you continued success and remember, when you are really rocking with your online business, people (border bullies
      ) will come back and want a piece of your action which will be wonderful for you and for them also
      Kind wishes and thanks for stopping by
      Keeping it real

  3. Hello Vicki, great post I must say. It is possible to live a good life if you work hard for it. I made a plan that I would never again work the typical 9-5, and work towards building out my affiliate marketing business. It requires time, hard work, and patience, but you must trust the process. Thanks again for the words of encouragement. I hope that you continue to work hard towards getting your business to become a successful one!!

  4. Hi Vicki, I really like how you told your personal story of becoming a singer and all the people who tried to stop your shine. I agree that people like you to stay in the land of the familiar. And until we decide to actually go out and do better, we will forever be stunted. Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform that I am lucky to be a part of as well. It’s the ultimate online business platform and the community support is unbelievable. Thanks for sharing this awesome opportunity.

    1. Hi Shantaye
      Love your reply and I am thrilled you have chosen such a great platform with WA and I know you will do great. you are right the support is awesome, along with the training and I have seen so many people already move forward to do some great things.
      I love Wealthy Affiliates also and it is a pleasure to be part of an honest upfront, dedicated group of people
      I wish you well

  5. Vicki, I love your “shampoo your mind” section.

    A lot of people are not aware that we are actually living in 2 worlds. And, our inner world heavily influence the way how we perceive our outer world.

    It is kind of sad to see some people have they mind conditioned to a level that they cannot freely express themselves and unleash their creativity to the world.

    It is important to sit down and list out what needs to happen in ‘the good life’ we wanted. We have to define the way of living ourselves, and if the current job does not fit into the picture, then we will have to seek alternatives or invest into another business that fits our vision and ideal lifestyle.

    Gosh, you just make me rethink my entire life!
    Thanks for sharing and I’m looking forward for more great content on your site!

    1. I hope I haven’t shaken you up too much 🙂
      Yes a lot of people are stuck in the mundane existence of their life and shampooing can really help
      Writing down exactly what you want, then making a plan to achieve it
      Yes investing in a business to give them the ideal lifestyle is the way to go especially in the online market place
      I am so glad you enjoyed your visit and I’m glad you will be back
      Thank you

  6. Hi,
    Yeah , I must admit living a good life was a dream for me, but after reading your post I am pretty much inspired to bring changes in my life. Thanks, for the post.

    1. Hi Ronda
      Yes a good shampoo of our minds gets rid of the negative stuff and lets us stay focused
      Living a life with time freedom and money freedom. What could be better
      Thank you for visiting the site and please come again

  7. I suppose everyone has a different idea what “the good life” means to them. For me, it’s being able to work for myself, support my family on my terms. Living where I want to live and doing things on my schedule. Being able to travel whenever and wherever I want. Lots of family time. I appreciate where you are coming from with this article. Now I am even more motivated! Thanks so much for sharing, I love reading things like this that make me think and reflect.

    1. Hi Steve
      You hit the nail on the head
      You are living life on your terms – Fantastic
      I’m glad your motivation has lifted now go get em
      Thank you for visiting and please come back

  8. Great article on how to change your life for the better. Thanks for a great recommendation on how to live your best life and make money online while doing it.

  9. Love! I can feel your positivity just by reading your words. Super cool post that has gotten me excited again about pursuing my dreams. You are obviously talented yourself and I’m sure you will continue to succeed in everything you do.
    I’m in the process of a “deep shampoo” and knocking down the “border bullies” that pop up around me. I’ll be back for more encouragement! Thank you:)

    1. Hi Jennifer
      Shampooing is great and yes you will meet a lot of Border Bullies. Always good to work away and stay focused on where you truly deserve to go
      Come back for a visit anytime

  10. I think the thing people tend to forget is that if their current job is not providing them with a 2.5% raise per year, then they’re not keeping up with the cost of inflation, which averages at 2.5% annually. A 2.5% raise will just keep your head above water, therefor people are having to look at other avenues to achieve their goals, be it working from home, a part-time job, etc.

    The takeaway from this blog post is the training and support at Wealthy Affiliates and with the right attitude and determination you can accomplish anything.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Dave
      I agree with you. some people are stuck and I am able grateful to be able to help people shift their mindset into more positive thoughts and ways to live

  11. Amazing article Vicki, thank you. I’ll definitely shampoo my mind because I read too much about self-development books which make me confused.

    I am still in the process of looking for living the good life so I love your ideas “Shampoo- your mind”. That should help so many people. I will have to bookmark so I can come back.

    Thank again for sharing!

    1. Hi Maun
      Keep reading great books- Don’t let them confuse you. Reading is great for your mind

      On another post here you will see some fabulous books I highly recommend you read these if you haven’t already
      Yes please come back and thank you for visiting

      As long as you have done your goals and stick to them you are already well on your way to being very successful

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