Monarch Marketing – Is $4500- $5500 worth paying

Monarch Marketing- Is it worth paying $1000’s for their service when there are options for you to build your own website for a much smaller amount?

SSL, SEO Analytics and more for a lot less money.


I’ve been doing some research on how much people are charging to build a website and came across Monarch Marketing which is receiving a bit of hype from their Marketing Styles which made me a little more than curious to know more about them.

I went to their website and got quite a lot of information relating to what they offer their clients but when I dug deeper I found some things that didn’t fit well for me so thought I would share some of what I discovered with you here in the blog

Who are they?

Monarch Marketing is a Marketing Company that has been around for a couple of years now and they offer many services relating to website building, online marketing.

I took a screenshot to give you more of an idea of what they offer to their clients

If you want to get all this and more for a fraction of the cost, join me here

Everything that is offered within the screenshot you can get for $49 per month and as you can see in the screenshot also there is a lot of duplication on each column and when I asked a friend of mine to ask for a quote he got sent an email saying, this :

“We are a project-based digital marketing company meaning that we tailor our services to your specific needs. While I am unsure of what industry you work in, we usually tell clients they can expect to pay anywhere from $4500.00 to $5500.00 for a full website build.”

Included in the responsive website build is:

Goal Establishment

Full Circle Market/Competitor Analysis

Keyword Research

Fully Integrated Analytics

Style and Theme Setup

Plugin Uploads

UI and UX design

Content Development

Domain and Hosting

Looks pretty good if you haven’t seen better however with the platform I use this is what you get

So when you look at the comparison, it really makes you realise that you can save $1000’s of dollars just by choosing the right place to do business

Yes you will design your own website by choosing a theme from the thousands offered within Wealthy Affiliate and Yes, you will also need to add content giving information to your potential clients and you learn this by going through the Online Certification Training offered as part of your membership.

It may take some effort but in the long run, it will save you so much money and when you are starting out in business this is important to anyone who is trying to establish an online presence.

Monarch Marketing high college grads to work for them and pay $10 per hour to get their work done and the staff turn over is huge because from what I have read there is very little support and very low wages which kinda make me think- How well are these guys doing? If they are doing great, then the money paid to staff is very slim don’t you think?

Is it a legit business?

Yes, it is legitimate and for those of you who can’t be bothered then this option will suit you and all the best, however why would you want to do this if you can have 95% done within Wealthy Affiliate and the 5% is content which needs writing and you can outsource this service at a very low cost which is another bonus of joining the no.1 recommended platform to grow your online business.

This is what one past employee said in a review:


Imagine joining Wealthy Affiliate- You get 25 free websites and 25 .com websites  as part of your membership

How about this for an idea

You join and you learn how its all done while building your own website. Done.

Then you offer small businesses the opportunity to let you build their websites within Wealthy Affiliate and charge them a fee for your services. Now you are making more income streams for yourself and growing your online business as well. Just a thought for you Entrepreneurial thinking people who are reading this.

If you charged 1/2 of what Monarch Marketing are charging you would pull a lot of clients and within Wealthy Affiliate, you have all the resources you will ever need to build amazing SEO Optimized websites to help clients grow their online future.

Funny the thought you have when you are writing  That was a good one.

My 3 sites

I now have 3 business websites thanks to Wealthy Affiliate and all I have learned and as you can see my website is pretty cool even though I keep changing things and making it even better as I grow and I invite you to come and learn as I did.

Join for free and get started and I am 100% sure you will thank me one day down the track for telling you about this state of the art platform.

I have been in a few places online and nothing compares to what we get as part of our membership within WA as it is fondly called by all the members.

From hobby sites,  e-commerce sites to large stores these are all built within Wealthy Affiliate and people are making serious money.

Another great option is to build your websites over the next 15 months and get it looking really awesome, then you can sell it on and websites that are getting traffic, making money go for small fortunes.

One of our members just wrote about how he is buying his second home from selling his website and getting $30k for it.

The success stories are so wonderful to read about and they happen every day within the platform so come and see what its all about for free and if you feel it will work for you, then go premium and get everything you need to become a successful online marketer.


Thanks for stopping by today and if you have any feedback on this post I look forward to your comments below as I enjoy hearing from people as it helps me with how I review businesses and I hope I have helped you

Remember- Sucess starts with the 1st step

All the best and if you do join me in Wealthy Affiliate I will help you move forward to become successful online


Founder of Cool Change 4 u





16 thoughts on “Monarch Marketing – Is $4500- $5500 worth paying”

  1. This post serves to remind us to do our homework diligently!  There are so many companies out there on the internet that just hike up the price for creating a website and hope to get away with it lock, stock, and barrel!

    Thank you for bringing to our attention the exorbitant prices that Monarch Marketing is charging to build a website!

    You so aptly point out that once a person joins Wealthy Affiliate, they can save a whole lot of money and reinvest in building websites for clients at a fraction of the cost.


    1. Hi Edu

      Yes, why would you spend that amount of money when you can do it yourself for a fraction of the cost

      I guess for busy people who can’t be bothered and have the money but for me its WA all the way

  2. Hi! Thanks for posting. I believe that Wealthy Affiliate is a business education model for the 21st century. It’s an extremely well thought out program with opportunities to educate yourself on a range of online marketing topics and strategies at every turn. What I love about it is that their certification training basically makes you set up a website! For a complete newcomer like myself who had never dreamed of having a web presence on his own, it was such a feeling of accomplishment the day I got my site up and running. I would have dithered about for years without setting up anything if it hadn’t been for Wealthy Affiliate. And I LOVE being the hands-on creator of my own site(s). This, thanks to Wealthy Affiliate. Without taking anything away from Monarch Marketing, Wealthy Affiliate is peerless.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Norman

      It sure is and yes Monarch Marketing has its place for sure for people who can afford their services and are not into building their own business themselves but as you say WA has it to offer anyone who wants an online future

      All the best with your endeavours

  3. I’m happy that you took the time to compare Monarch Marketing to the Wealthy Affiliate platform. I spent a lot of years tricking myself into believing that I could grow a functional, lucrative website without making very much investment at all. I had a website, but it wasn’t truly working for me in the ways I hoped. Then I found the Wealthy Affiliate platform and realized what I had been missing out on. For the price, it provides so many essential tools. I can’t imagine life without it now!

    1. Yes, How costly it could be for people who haven’t yet found what Wealthy Affiliate offers for such a reasonable price

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and all the best building your online future

  4. How would someone pay over $4,000 if they really needed to make money.  Doesn’t seem as if they would have that much just lying around then.

    With WA you can pay for a whole year for under $400 dollars now that is a big difference.  If you can’t pay yearly there is a monthly option.  Before making up your mind however there is always the free option.

    1. So true and isn’t is amazing what we get for this price- Incredible online businesses and 50 websites for our membership fee- Imagine building a business that large online 🙂

  5. Hi Vicki. Thanks for that review on Monarch Marketing. While it is not a scam, paying $4,500 and $5,500 is pretty steep considering what you get with Wealthy Affiliate. You’d be pretty annoyed if you payed that, and then found Wealthy Affiliate.

    There are so many online businesses out there to be wary of. Thanks for the comparison and further reinforcing that I have made the right choice with WA.

    Great article.

    1. Hi Gregg

      you sure did as did I when I joined Wealthy Affiliate

      It truly has everything you could  ever need to become a successful online Marketer and thanks for your feedback

      Really appreciate it

  6. Thanks for the great review Vicki! 

    I was looking for a comparable online business opportunity to the one I use now, so that I could do a second startup and create two streams of passive income, and I really thought Monarch Marketing was the answer!

    But after reading your review I started to question my decision and after consideration, I’ve changed my mind! I think you might have saved me some money and some trouble! In fact I now know what I am going to do to create a second income stream! I’m going to follow the training at Wealthy Affiliate! 

    I joined with the free membership and I can tell you truthfully that that platform rocks ! I’m pinching myself because it still seems too good to be true! 

    Thanks a lot for your honest and awesome review! 


    1. Hi Mike 

      So great you stopping by and read this and I’m so glad I helped you make your awesome decision

      I’ll see you in there to give you any help you need

      All the best on this exciting new journey

  7. $4500 in US Dollars is a shock for me. I am from Malaysia and this amount of money is overkill to learn to make money. I will be losing more money before I made my first dollar. Certainly a big no no for me. Especially the price is multiplied by four into my currency. I could buy a car already with it.

  8. Great post! I think the contrast between wealthy affiliate and monarch is startling. I think the fact that it is not a scam is great but that is a lot of money. Wealthy affiliate offers the things you need to get your online business up and running and then some! 

    They are a legitimate business so obviously are cost involved for the full membership but that is a drop on the ocean compared to what monarch will charge you. Wealthy affiliate is definitely worth a look!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and reading this post and yes the cost saving with Wealthy Affiliate is amazing especially with all it offers as a premium membership

      Thank you

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