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Hi and welcome to Cool change 4 u

I’m Vicki, the Founder of Cool Change 4 u and I’m helping people all over the world turn a profit from starting their business and growing it into a truly successful online business

I help people learn from knowing very little to being able to create, build and grow their online business, learning the skills necessary and I hope you enjoy this blog and I also hope you take the opportunity offered within this blog as there are over 1,000,000 people with this platform all growing great businesses online and you can do this too.

What to watch out for This doesn't feel right jack

From my years of experience and even more so these days, there are all sorts of websites, landing pages, Social media posts with people claiming to have a system that you can lock into and do nothing and money will land in your bank account.

Beware- These are scams and the people claiming all this nonsense are taking people’s hard earned money and disappearing as quickly as they arrive on the Internet and there are literally thousands of these people hurting innocent people who are trying to find a place to make money.

If you want to see my no.1 recommendation so you can build a successful online business click here

Flash Cars, Huge homes and fake actors paid to make the business look amazing and all the time ripping people off and a lot have been shut down, such as MOBE and all the associated business names that go with MOBE

This is now in the hands of the federal law and people are being charged however a lot of people have missed out on their investments being returned and have lost a lot of money.

Often you will also see advertisements saying:

join for $1  –   You only have 60 seconds left to make up your mind

SCAM Alert so please be aware of these hideous offers

What to look for when joining a platform

You are just starting out and you need to feel safe when you have a small business or a new business that you are getting off the ground and my advice is before you join a platform to learn how to do your online marketing, check out the credentials of the Company before you pay any money.

I am going to share a platform with you now that is ranked as the no.1 platform to help people market their products and services online.

How do I know it’s any good?

I too was looking to start a small business and I needed to find an Online Marketing Company that I could trust and having been stung financially before I was dubious, to say the least.

I researched online for a long time, seeing all sorts of rubbish offers from scam artists and one day I happened to read a review of this business platform and knew I was going to be joining for free to take a look.

Kevin, the guy who wrote the review was honest and shared all the facts with his readers and I had a gut feeling I was onto something really great this time.

I joined for free and within 2 days I became a premium member, bought a domain name for my business and got to work doing the training offered within this platform so let me share what I know 100% to be a legitimate opportunity for anyone who wants to learn online marketing and build a great business.

Now I am going to share some of the finer points of this awesome platform so you can make an informed decision whether this is a place you will begin your online marketing journey to success.

Wealthy Affiliate

Founded over 13 years ago by 2 great men Kyle and Carson  

Both Kyle and Carson work tirelessly every day helping people answering questions, creating more training and basically being involved heavily within the platform.

Often seen in live chat Kyle is there to answer questions members have, even if it a simple question, he is always so kind, respectful and helpful and Carson works encouraging people along the way. These 2 are dedicated to helping everyone in Wealthy Affiliates to become successful online marketers and after 13 years one might think they could become complacent but no, they are awesome every time they are in the platform and also creating great add-ons that we can use as part of the premium membership.

Everything you need is within this platform

Training- YES

Help- Yes 24/7

All  the technical stuff such as SEO, SSL and all the other things- YES

Keyword tools- YES Jaxxy is offered as well and it an awesome tool to create keyword content to attract Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Here is what is offered with the 2 memberships


There are numerous Online Marketing Companies for Small business growth online, however, most of them have up-sells asking for quite a lot of extra money from you as you try to get all they offer and with Wealthy Affiliate the only extra cost of being premium is you will need to buy a domain name for your website and you can do this within Wealthy Affiliate as well which keeps things tidy and no transferring- The cost $13-!5 per year which is great.

I want to ask you this:

Do you want to join a platform that is state of the art, gives you all the training you will ever need, has 24/7 support and a wonderful community of members all encouraging you along the way?


Do you want to go keep looking for something else that costs you a whole lot of money only to be disappointed?

For me, it is a no-brainer and I invite you to join me in Wealthy Affiliate for free so you can take a look around and see if I am sharing the absolute truth here in this blog.

I am an Ambassador with Wealthy Affiliate which means I am one of the leaders within the platform and I will help you with whatever you need and ensure you keep moving forward to become successful like I am today.

I now have 4 businesses online all doing great so if you want success in Online Marketing this my offer to you.

Oh yes, there will also be a bonus should you join and become premium within the 1st 7 days so Let’s get you started and on your way

In conclusion

I have really enjoyed sharing all this with you today and I hope I  have made it easier for you to make a great decision as to where to go for your Online Marketing- Small business needs and who knows, maybe the small business will be small when it starts however if you work hard, stay focused on WHY you are building your business, and success and you will become great friends along the way and this is what I wish for you

All the best and I hope to see you inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform real soon

Success is up to you

All you do it take the 1st step

Bye for now


Founder of Cool change 4 u.





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