Online Shopping Websites – How to create yours

This is the place to come if you want to build your very own Online Shopping Website and with the way the internet is growing this choice is perfect

You have picked the perfect time to get started so let’s get into some facts so, grab a coffee and see how easy this is to do.


Everything you doBest way to start an Online Business

Yes, pretty much everything you do online as far as Marketing goes, if you want to be ahead of the competition, then it pays to invest some time and money and create and build a website and now some of you might be going, AHHHH!!!! It’s ok, I was like that as well and I joined a team of experts who fortunately turned me into a skilled Marketer so my suggestion is, Do what I did some time back

I joined Wealthy Affiliate for free to see what they could offer and having looked around this platform, I knew I wanted to pay for the services that are offered as a Premium Member and so I paid my Bonus Offer Price and Boom, I was off into the Online Entrepreneur Certification training to begin what is now an amazing Online Journey.

I was quite unsure about even bothering searching for a platform, having been stung by what turned out to be a SCAM and lost my money and my pride I guess for a while, and one night, while I was surfing looking for some information for a friend, I found this review on Wealthy Affiliate and I read it thoroughly and rang my friend and said” I’ve found something that looks really amazing and I’ve joined for free to check it out more” Well she was shocked, however, she also knew I could pick any SCAM at 25 paces these days so wished me well.

So the day I went premium, I rang my friend and told her what I’d done and she could tell by my tone, I was pretty darn excited and I told her all about my very short journey and she decided to come aboard and create her own Online business and she absolutely loves Wealthy Affiliate and all it offers and has a gorgeous website, helping people live the green life and it’s going so great for her. So great 🙂

Sorry, a bit off track, but if you want to join for free so you can build your Online Store, then WA as we kindly refer to Wealthy Affiliate will give you the best opportunity you will find on the Internet.

Why is it the Best?

When Carson and Kyle, 1st built WA over 14 years ago, as a project in College, they said. “Let’s have the Best Online/Affiliate Marketing Platform in the World” and “let’s make it possible and truly affordable for anybody who wants to create and build an online future”, and that’s exactly what they did way back then.

The growth of Wealthy Affiliate is outstanding with over 1.2 Million Members and growing every day and Carson and Kyle and the 25 Developers. and more team members in the Technical/Development team, not to mention site support who work 24/7 to help members all around the world.

This is what Wealthy Affiliate Offers you if you are serious about becoming a the Successful Owner of Online Shopping Websites where you can become a Full-Time work from Home Online Entrepreneur.

Even if you are working full-time, you can do this and then one day down the track, politely thank your boss and leave and become a Full-Time Earner. Imagine how that could change things in your life.

I know for me, it has been incredible and the more Goals I reach the harder I work so I have absolute time and money freedom and that’s where I’m heading, and you are most welcome to join me and if you do, I look forward to sharing some expert skills with you along the way, however the training gives you everything and there are also 1000’s of resources as well that you can research and learn from with this platform as a Premium Member.

This is what you get as a Premium member
  • 25 domain Websites ( You can buy a Domain name in WA 🙂
  • Hosting 
  • SEO Training, SSL Analytics and more
  • 70 Lessons in the(OEC)Online Entrepreneur Certification Training
  • Bootcamp if you want to keep learning – I did and it is amazing- you learn about PPC, pay per click advertising, Video Marketing and all sorts of skills that you can use in the Future. I’ll share that next
  • Earn while you learn- Yes, there are 5 Different ways as a premium member to earn with WA while you are learning
  • 1 on 1 Coaching/Mentoring if you need it
  • Over 1800 Experts within the Community to help answer Questions for you and also to encourage you, when you progress – People of all ages, all cultures, All Countries except a few by National Law due to the high Scamming rate some countries are not allowed and with different talents, skill sets, IT Wizards, in fact, every category you can think of
  • How to create Sales Funnel- Like Click Funnel does and have checked out how much it costs? Whoa, WA offers this as part of the package.
  • E-Commerce
  • Woo- Commerce
  • Dropshipping
  • Email Marketing
  • Landing Pages
  • A Community of amazing people
  • A Trip to Las Vegas if you qualify- All expenses paid
  • Live Video training every week in a webinar from Jay one of our ambassadors
  • The opportunity to become an Ambassador for Wealthy Affiliate- I am Currently an ambassador and feel very honoured to have made it to this rank just by being supportive, teaching when I can, Creating pieces of training on different things and caring about the people within the WA Community. It’s a privilege. 🙂

Things WA doesn’t have

  • Time for Spammers and Scammers
  • Time for any kind of Political Agenda
  •  Pornography
  •  Rudeness to other Members
  • Any Religious Talk as there are numerous Religions throughout the world and we all need to be respected

There are 100’s more I could add to the list but it will take too long

Skills and what will you be worth?

Ok, not only have you now learned how to build your online shopping websites, but you have also learned, How to build stunning websites, how SEO works, How landing pages are created and what they are for and the list keeps growing. You have now also gained the skills to make money by making offering to build websites for people. Imagine how that would be?

By the time you have completed all the training which takes around 4 months for the OEC and probably the same for boot camp, you are going to know so much and be worth money if you think outside the square. Only a thought 🙂

I have 5 Businesses Online Now and in the early stages of number 6 and it feels so incredible to live how I live and work from home around the things I enjoy. Soo great. 🙂


Before I finish this post

I want to say thanks for visiting and also I hope I can help you with the next stage of your Online Journey and I also hope you take up the offer to join for free at WA and take a look around. you won’t even be asked for your credit card.

Oh yes, nearly forgot. I shoot straight from the hip as you have probably gathered when reading this tonight so.

Prices- Yes, let’s talk money

OK, you read what you get if you are a premium member of Wealthy Affiliates and most people right now are thinking, Oh No, this is going to way over my affordability range. Well, guess what, Wrong!!

You see if you join for free and within 7 Days you become Premium, you will receive a Special Bonus offer which is?

You pay $19 for your 1st Month and them $49 after that to own your Online Businesses and there are no hideous up-sells, in fact, the pay it forward way Kyle and Carson think just keeps giving and giving to ensure our Success.

All you have to do is join, then, go learn and build and also work hard and stay focused as this is one of the Keys to Success

With all that said                  

Be awesome and until next time

Go Easy






8 thoughts on “Online Shopping Websites – How to create yours”

  1. Hi Vicki, I stumbled across your website as I was researching online shopping websites.   I too am a member of Wealthy Affiliate’s awesome community.   I am not sure that I have ever gotten a chance to chat with you directly.  Thanks for all that you do as an ambassador to help new members gain the confidence they need to build their online businesses.   

    I have been a Wealthy Affiliate member for about two years.  I have created about a half dozen affiliate marketing websites.   Wealthy Affiliate (WA) makes it super easy to build a business website.   

    Spending so much time with other entrepreneurial minded people within the WA community, inspired me to also open a brick and mortar retail shop that carries a variety of books, artwork and other home decor.  I am ready to start building an online shopping website for my shop using the Woo-commerce plugin.    

    For me, the hardest part of building a website is choosing what theme that I want to use.   Thus… I found myself on your website looking for ideas.    Any suggestions of online shopping website themes that you particularly like?

    Thanks in advance, 


    p.s.  I probably won’t get a chance to check back for your suggestion until late tomorrow.   

    1. Hi Sondra

      If you go to themes and click features, in there, you can click any special features you want and then click add and you will get some really great themes to choose from

      u hope this helps and all goes well with the change over.

      I’m sure it will 

      All the best


  2. Layout is amazing you chose some pretty cool pictures you have a lot of great pointers listed into your post  which is amazing . I’ve been with the company for almost a month and I got a bunch done. I would deflect recommend but like you said you have to be able to put into and understand nothing happens over night. Well done.

    1. I like honesty and thank you for visiting and well done for already being a member and sharing your comments here

      Yes there is lots to learn but you get this with every business you build and having a really strong foundation is the key so go well

  3. Hi there, thank you for this nicely written article.Really appreciate it.As I am looking to build my own eCommerce store, do you think it is a good idea to choose wealthy affiliate? Yeah, I know you specifically mentioned dropshipping in the list, but, you know, for an ecommerce website, we need to know some sort of coding I believe, but, if there is built-in template that can be used, it will make the task much more easier.

    1. As far as I know there is extensive training on video by Jay one of our experts so come take a look for free and see if it is what you need

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