What is the Road to Success- Which route will you take?

Are you ready to take the Road to Success- Which route will you take?

Hello and welcome to another post from your Cool change Coach, Vicki 

When I wrote this article I had a bit of fun with the headings as you will see when you read through. they all feel relevant to success so come and see what I’m talking about.

Success, a word used more and more often these days offline and on and I personally love Success but what is the road and how will it lead to success?

Let’s get into this

Eventually, the cement will dry

What this means is this. If you stand in wet cement it will eventually go rock hard and you will be there, stuck, right.  Continue reading “What is the Road to Success- Which route will you take?”

Procrastination and How it affects Your Success

Success and you- What’s stopping you?

Hi to you and thanks for popping in and today’s success strategy is about stopping procrastination for good

When I decided to create this website, I wanted it to be about helping people make cool changes and so far that is exactly what is happening

Today I want to share some ideas on the choices you have and how making choices to change can be and is a challenge for some people, so lets right into this Continue reading “Procrastination and How it affects Your Success”

What are the Habits of Highly Effective People

Are you using your time wisely as you grow your business?
How do you become highly effective?


Hi, and welcome to Cool change 4u

I’m Vicki, good to connect with you and today is about the habits that are highly effective if you want to become successful in life.

I have reviewed a lot of peoples thoughts and read the books relating to the  habits and felt it would be great to condense a lot of books into one article and I hope it helps all of you who read through this blog

Continue reading “What are the Habits of Highly Effective People”

How do I Make Money Online? Making the Right Choice

How do I make money online- What platform do I use to become successful?

I have been asked this question so many times by people who are frustrated with their current income and living standards so today is for all of you who are looking for some answers

Cool change 4 u was founded by Vicki, that’s me because I could see how many people are sick and tired of doing the same old stuff day in and day out and are looking for a Cool Change in their lives so let’s get into this

How do I make Money Online? Continue reading “How do I Make Money Online? Making the Right Choice”

What is The Truth about Affiliate Marketing- Is this for You

Hi and welcome to Cool Change 4 u


I’m Vicki, the founder of Cool Change 4u and today I am going to share my thoughts on Affiliate Marketing and the truth about this type of business so let’s get into this now.

Online World

With what is happening in the offline world today and high costs for having a business, 10000’s of business owners are turning to online Marketing as a way to generate more business, hence Affiliate Marketing is growing rapidly as well. Continue reading “What is The Truth about Affiliate Marketing- Is this for You”

Top 5 reasons not to join Younique

Welcome to Cool Change 4 you and I have written this blog to share my 5 top reasons not to join the MLM company Unique

I have been involved in a few MLM’s and this one is one I would definitely not get involved with and here are my reasons why and are only my opinions from what I have researched Continue reading “Top 5 reasons not to join Younique”

Monarch Marketing – Is $4500- $5500 worth paying

Monarch Marketing- Is it worth paying $1000’s for their service when there are options for you to build your own website for a much smaller amount?

SSL, SEO Analytics and more for a lot less money.


I’ve been doing some research on how much people are charging to build a website and came across Monarch Marketing which is receiving a bit of hype from their Marketing Styles which made me a little more than curious to know more about them.

I went to their website and got quite a lot of information relating to what they offer their clients but when I dug deeper I found some things that didn’t fit well for me so thought I would share some of what I discovered with you here in the blog

Who are they?

Monarch Marketing is a Marketing Company that has been around for a couple of years now and they offer many services relating to website building, online marketing. Continue reading “Monarch Marketing – Is $4500- $5500 worth paying”

Online Marketing Companies Small Business

Hi and welcome to Cool change 4 u

I’m Vicki, the Founder of Cool Change 4 u and I’m helping people all over the world turn a profit from starting their business and growing it into a truly successful online business

I help people learn from knowing very little to being able to create, build and grow their online business, learning the skills necessary and I hope you enjoy this blog and I also hope you take the opportunity offered within this blog as there are over 1,000,000 people with this platform all growing great businesses online and you can do this too. Continue reading “Online Marketing Companies Small Business”