The Wealthy Affiliate Review– Does it really work

Hi and welcome to Cool Change 4 u and today I am sharing my Wealthy Affiliate review with you

Who are Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that was created and founded by 2 Canadian men, Kyle and Carson over 13 years ago.

Kyle and Carson wanted to build a platform to help people from all over the world to learn how to build an online future for themselves as affiliate marketers and they have done a brilliant job thus far. Continue reading “The Wealthy Affiliate Review– Does it really work”

Best Self-Employed Career- Choose the right one for You


Hi and welcome to Cool Change 4 u- today is going to be all about how to choose the best self-employed career so grab a coffee and let’s get into this

Self Employment- What does it offer you?

For many people, it offers time freedom and money freedom and for me this is awesome. Think about this statement for a minute. Time freedom = doing what you love to do and money freedom= freedom to do what you love to do. WIN- WIN. Continue reading “Best Self-Employed Career- Choose the right one for You”

Tips for Starting an Online business- Essentials You Need to get Started

Where is your Online Journey going to take You?

Great, you have decided to start an online business or you are thinking about it would like to know the essential you will need to get started. I am going to explain the most important tools you will need in order to create and build a successful money making online business, so let’s get into this Continue reading “Tips for Starting an Online business- Essentials You Need to get Started”

Write E-Books that sell

Today is all about creating your ebook to sell – A really great idea to help people is by creating an ebook

So let’s get into this subject

Picking a subject – What do people want?

A good idea is to do some research online about what people are looking for? Are they looking for DIY, How to earn money, how to make a crib, How to gain more confidence? The list is endless

Millions of people are searching for how to, online every day and if you do some good research you will come up with a great idea. Brainstorm until you find something you are really interested in helping people with. When you write you have to know your subject and give a true representation in an engaging way to captivate your readers. So Important!!

Layout – How many words or pages

When you have chosen your subject matter, then you need to determine how long you want your book. If it is a novel it is going to be long, however, if it is a book to help people gain more knowledge in a particular field, then it may only have, say 20 pages- you will know once you get started

Organize before you start writing – Setting up topics

Always set up your topics in Bold, before you start writing as this will give you a more concise way of writing, instead of drifting in and out of different topics as you write. If you have paragraph topics you will write your 1st, then 2nd and so on giving the readers an easy to understand ebook which will sell easier as well. You will get much better reviews if your ebook is easy to read and written well.

Here is an example of what I mean

  • Title – How to make a wooden coffee table
  • About the author
  • Tools you will need
  • Wood products and extras
  • Plan to build from
  • The time it will take and why

Include pictures as this makes it more interesting and you can even insert links to take people back to your website for more details if need. This keeps people engaged in your business

Also a good idea is to have a program working alongside you to check off your grammar and spelling etc as you don’t want to write a book containing a lot of errors and believe me, it happens so often with writers who think they have edited their work and it is good to go, when the reality is, their book is full of errors. Not good at all


Grammarly is one of the best products I use when writing- I highly recommend you try it

Marketing – Selling

In order to write ebooks that sell you have to know who your market is going to be. Is it mainly men or women or teenagers, or children. What ages are you aiming at? Really important because when you are writing you are writing to this age group to work out who your market is going to be.

Some of my books have been quite a general market say age ranging 18- 55 for both men and women and this is great because there are millions of people in this age bracket as you can imagine.

Places to sell your book- Amazon, of course, Social media platforms, email lists you may have and if you have a website, this will be a very good place to sell your ebook if you have payment methods set up, which is easy to do, especially PayPal

Are you ready?

I hope this has given you some help on how to write ebooks that sell. If you have any questions please join the mailing list or ask me in comments below

Here is an ebook for you to have a look through- Who knows it might inspire you

Bye for now ©






What is a Keyword – Why are keywords important

Hi and welcome to another post from Grow a biz online. I’m Vicki the founder of this business and today  I am covering, what is a keyword and why are keywords important.

What is a Keyword

What is a keyword and are keywords important. They sure are. let me explain more Continue reading “What is a Keyword – Why are keywords important”

Best Keyword Tool – Reasons Jaaxy is my pick

Hi and welcome to Cool Change for you and today is all about Keywords and why are they important to you and your business

For a long time, I struggled with keywords and thought, hey, I know what I’m doing and just wrote my blogs and of course nothing really got recognized by the search engines. I got lost in Cyber-Space.

I think when it comes to writing a blog having the best keyword tool to work with is so important.

Continue reading “Best Keyword Tool – Reasons Jaaxy is my pick”

How to build a WordPress Website – 30 seconds and its done

Many people including myself find it a real challenge to build a website let alone a fully functioning one.

I remember building one through WIX and it looked so cool and I thought- wow, this is so easy. what I didn’t know is how to actually get it recognized by Google, Yahoo, Bing, social media platforms and as for SEO. I had no clues to any of this. I thought my new cool website was on the internet and the world would visit. Hmm. Not so.

It just floated out there in cyberspace with not 1 visitor and I gave up because it was in the too hard basket for me.

Can you relate to this? Great well, today, I’m going to show you how to set up a website on 30 seconds and if you like what you learn, it is a very good idea to do what I did and join a great platform to learn everything you need to know about Websites, marketing etc. So here we go

How to build a WordPress Website

A Free Website- you can get it from here

It takes about 5 minutes from now and I can show you how to set up your very own WordPress Website, choose from many different themes and start building your own online business with a niche of your choice. for those of you who don’t know what a niche is. it is simple, something that interests you, for example, the latest basketball shoes, Gridiron helmets, Butterflies, Holidays, Music, Guitars, Horse… this list is never ending and there are over 3 million people online around the world looking to find something of interest to them. They look, they buy- you get paid. It really is that  easy

Who should I join?

When it comes to making a great choice, Wealthy Affiliates is my preference over anyone else. My reasons are these

  • It’s free to join
  • 24/7 Support
  • Wealthy Affiliates has been in business for 12 years and growing exponentially
  • An awesome community of people who will help you anytime
  • An upgrade to Premium is $49 per month, however, if you join within the next 7 days there will be a bonus of having to pay $19 for your 1st month
  • Premium gives you absolutely everything you need to create your business and allows you these things

Do me a favor and join for free now and if you are not happy then come back here and write all your reasons in the comment. Yes, I’m feeling pretty confident about this so go for it

 If you have any questions please just ask otherwise I’ll see you in Wealthy Affiliates

Have fun ©

Scam or Not Scam – Ask the question

Today I decided if you are looking for a Cool change you might want to know some nitty-gritty information on an honest worthwhile business so have a good real so you can make an informed choice

Get rich quick – RUN!!!!!This doesn't feel right jack

There is no such thing, well except a lottery win and good luck with that. The odds are really high as you will know Continue reading “Scam or Not Scam – Ask the question”

Writing a Blog – What can be helpful

Today, I thought I would cover a few things I find really important as a writer. whether it is a book, a blog, a poem or an article having the right tools are essential.

Choosing your subject

When choosing what to write about, always make sure you get to know your subject before you start writing.

Readers pick up very quickly whether you are authentic or just another one of those copy and paste kind of writers and will lose interest and trust

Research – Always a great place to start

Do your research and be as thorough as you can. This will give you insight into your subject matter and you will most definitely right more freely if you know what you are sharing with others. I have read 100’s of blogs and quite often, I think to myself. here we go, another piece of not very interesting c….  dare I say this.

Knowledge helps people and isn’t that what you are trying to achieve when you write something.

So please do your research and you will get a lot more people engaging with you.

Preparation for your Blog

  • Title – look for keywords
  • Content – work out at least 5 new content titles to write about
  • A conclusion to your blog – let the readers know your final thoughts on your blog and encourage them to make a comment or email you so you stay connected
  • Now get writing
  • Check your Grammar and spelling as there is nothing worse than a whole lot of errors when someone reads your blog. Again this makes people leave and move on to something better and as you know there are 1000s of places to look for a great blog on peoples interests

Tools you will need – Helpful stuff

  • A thesaurus could be helpful
  • Keyword tool
  • Different writing styles
  • Spell and Grammar Check

I have done a lot of research on keywords and I find Jaaxy really great so take a look and see what you think

Also, I have found Grammarly to be the best tool I have used to check Grammar and spelling before I publish. Grammarly does all the hard work for you and it is brilliant. I highly recommend it to you as a blogger and writer

In conclusion, I know this post is short but I feel it is really important to all writers and bloggers to do it right and get more readers, after all, isn’t that why you write/blog.

I would value your feedback so please leave a comment or join our mailing list and I will come back to you within 24 hours

Enjoy and I’ll see you soon