Procrastination and How it affects Your Success

Success and you- What’s stopping you?

Hi to you and thanks for popping in and today’s success strategy is about stopping procrastination for good

When I decided to create this website, I wanted it to be about helping people make cool changes and so far that is exactly what is happening

Today I want to share some ideas on the choices you have and how making choices to change can be and is a challenge for some people, so lets right into this

Why do we want to change?

There are so many reasons people want to change and it is impossible to write them all down here as this is most likely neverending so let’s use an example to get you thinking about this question.

Maybe you are in a job that gives you very little satisfaction and you want to change. So why don’t you? For some changing jobs is like changing their shirt. Easy peasy, however for many people it is easier to stay stuck in the same job because change can feel too difficult. People have fear around the unknown and fear that it won’t be a good move, or fear the new job will have people there that aren’t easy to get along with or fear they won’t be good enough or fear they won’t know what to do. And the list goes on.

How about thinking this, if you are one of these people.

Imagine you are starting a new job on Monday, and when you arrive you go through the orientation and get to meet other work colleagues as you move through the orientation process. Everyone shakes your hand and wishes you a great start. Then imagine, you are earning more now, doing something that isn’t hard to learn and to cap it off, you get a bonus each month for doing a great job. How cool would that be?

We often place a whole lot of unnecessary pressure on ourselves because we are lacking self-confidence, self-esteem, we may have been put down before today and held onto this by feeling inadequate in some way. Well, I am here to tell you something quite different.


I want you to grab some paper and write down all the things you would like to do and keep writing until you run out of ideas.

Great, thank you- I hope you have at least 30-50 or more things on the list.

Now pick 10 from the list- Now pick 1 from the list.

Great. you have found 1 thing you would like to do and this is going to require change. Maybe it is a big change or maybe a small change. Doesn’t matter big or small, change is change. Now I want you to write this down.

I am going to ….. and complete your sentence and when doing this I want you to be very specific and in this I mean, dates when you will do whatever it is, time if you can and most of all how it will make you feel.

Here is an example of what I mean.

In the 1st week of December 2018, I am going to fly to the Gold coast Australia and stay in a resort near the beach. My stay there will be for 10 days and my friend A…. is going to be with me.

 We will go shopping, swim, laze by the pool at the resort and eat delicious food cooked by top chefs every night.

 I have $3000 saved for the trip and the accommodation will be paid in advance by November 20th. I will also have $2000 to spend on fun things to do and clothes and I am going to buy myself a new silver bracelet.

 I will also buy presents for my grandchildren for the sum of $500. I feel so excited as I have never been to the Gold coast before.

When you read this, how does it make you feel? I know for me it makes me feel happy, excited, determined to make it happen and I know I have to make a plan and work towards ticking off things I have achieved to make this plan real for me.

If you take what you wrote on your list as your number 1 choice, you need to make a plan on how to get to the result.

How much money, time, resources, education, travel, time off work if you are employed… all the essentials you will need to achieve what you have written down.

Now you are ready to make a cool change and go get what it is you want.

Leave all your negatives thoughts where they belong. OUT OF YOUR MIND. They are not helping you in any way so if they try to sneak into your mind, tell them NO out loud and continue to focus on your plan.

Procrastination and How it Affects Your Success

A big word with a big meaning. I have worked with so many people over the years who tell me they are going to do something and when I see them and ask how whatever it was went, 90% of the time, they tell me, they are still working on it, or they haven’t got around to it, or well you know, money isn’t always there, or I have been too busy.

In other words, they are procrastinating and they do not really want to do whatever it is. If they did, they would find a way somehow to achieve their goals/plan and make a cool change.

Procrastination is the biggest excuse not to achieve something good in your life, whether it be to mow the lawns, take out the trash, or something more substantial. People are born procrastinators and until they are ready to admit this and ask for help, they will most likely stay in the same place doing the same thing year after year and moan to friends about how life can be so hard.

Do you know anyone like this? I have met 100’s of people who are procrastinators and I smile to myself and think, if only they would make a goal and a plan to achieve it, how their life could change in such a positive way

When I work with people, I always use a time frame and they have to agree with what they have written as their time frame and stick to it. I break each plan into smaller steps for some so they can manage their tasks and for others, I just ask them how much time they need to achieve the result they want and write it down and they then have to stick to what they have written.

If you or anyone you know is like this, please get in go check this link out and ask for help to break through this hideous barrier

So many choices

What is a Cool Change? There are 1000’s of choices for people and by choosing something different, you will grow, learn and experience the wonderful gift that life is.

If you stay doing the same old thing day in day out, how do you think you will feel when you are older in years and you look back on your life?

Every person born is unique and special and deserves to live a great life doing interesting things, challenging themselves, competing, teaching others things you have learned through your adventures, writing books, recording music, inventing something innovative and the list again is endless.

If you struggle to move forward with your life, please get in touch with me so I can work with you to remove the barriers holding you back. I work online with my clients all over the world and if I can help you. please let me know.

I have seen so many people have breakthroughs and go on to live extraordinary lives doing what they love, being free to be themselves and with confidence to do anything they choose to make cool changes in their lives and I wish this for you as well if you have challenges.

Cool Change is passionate about positive change and the reason we created this business online is to help as many people possible with our expert help.


Do not stay stuck – Please reach out and see what a difference a few coaching sessions can do for you.

We are not here to take all your money as some companies are. We truly are real people who care about you as an individual and we charge a very reasonable fee which will be discussed when you make contact with us.

So I invite you to email me and if you are ready to make a Cool change, I congratulate you, on your decision and wish you fun, and freedom for you inside and out because you deserve to live without any barriers holding you back. It is time to set yourself free. imagine how great it would feel to no longer have “Stuff” holding you back. Your choice

Take care

Keeping it real


6 thoughts on “Procrastination and How it affects Your Success”

  1. You are right, Vicki.  Very often procrastination — waiting for circumstances to be “just right” — has a way of delaying just starting.  And, if you don’t start, for real, you won’t be making any sort of progress towards whatever success you want to achieve.

    Starting is probably the most important single step you can take.  Even if you find out that you’re heading in the wrong direction, you can always correct your course.  If you don’t take any kind of step, however, then it just gets harder and harder to make your move.  Funny how that works.

    Thanks for your inspirational post.

    1. Hi Netta and thank you for supporting this post with your positive input today

      Yes, one step is all it tkes to move you forward and moving forward to time and money freedom has to be the best thing people can do

      I wish you continued success in life and all you work for 

      Go well

  2. I agree with you to write what you want to do.  Write it down.  It’s real that way.  Post it someplace!  I did that when I was younger.  My dreams were to live in Southern California and NYC.  I did both.  I lived in San Diego for two years, and it was amazing.  That’s because I had it written on a sheet tacked to my refrigerator, and I saw it every day.  Next I moved to NYC.  That wasn’t the best move, and I’m back home now, but I did it!  That’s because I wrote it down.  Mindset – goals – writing them down.  Great article.

    1. Hi Babs and yes, it really does work and is very powerful when we want to do something awesome with our lives 

      Everytime I do this, it happens and it is so great to share this with people

      Thank you for your comment and great input today

  3. What definitely drives me everyday is to get out of that hourly job. I truly believe the only thing in your way is you. When someone is so high in their head, they might say it’s because of someone else that they are failing. These are people you should truly feel sorry for, sadly it’s happening all over right now. It is possible to get out of that hole though! Everyone has so much potential to do great things, you just need to get out of your head and into the game! Am I right?

    1. Hi Nate- Such a great comment and if people all tried to be awesome and work for themselves the world have a lot more happier people that’s for sure

      Courage and conviction to be great

      Go well and thank you

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