Review of CTFO 2018 – Is this for you

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Today I am sharing a review of CTFO so you can make a choice whether you consider this a great business or a not so great business so let’s get right into this.

Who are CTFO 

CTFO Changing The Future Outcome is a company in the USA who sell Hemp products made 100% in the USA and not tested on animals 🙂

Many people are becoming aware of the benefits of CBD oil or Cannabidiol products that are natural and have amazing healing and relief properties to all sorts of health issues in humans and animals.

This CBD subject is becoming known throughout the world as more and more people turn to natural remedies rather than suffer the side effects of so many pharmaceutical drugs.

It is also said this is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and joining a place like CTFO for free, along with getting 2 free websites all set up ready to use seems pretty good but it this for real?


This picture is of the full product range people sell from their own websites which are included for free when you join CTFO for free.


In this picture, you can see the entire product range and the health benefits are getting incredible results.

The products can help with

  • Anxiety for humans and animals
  • Arthritis in humans and animals
  • Anti ageing
  • Health
  • Nutrition

And so much more so go and see for yourself by clicking here


Can you make money?

You sure can make money as this industry is going to be multi-billion dollar industry and if you start now imagine how many people will join with you to either become associate themselves or buy products. This is a win-win here.

How long it will take is up to you really so if you are prepared t work this as you would a business, you will do extremely well as it is all set up for you and from what I have seen inside CTFO it has a lot of awesome marketing materials, flyers, brochures and all kinds of tolls you can use as an associate.


Yes you get all that as well and every week there is a skype group meeting and also every Tuesday there is a live conference call to tune into and learn lots of really important stuff so you can really move your business forward


I really believe this is a great opportunity to join for free

The communications with CTFO is easy and one of the team is always around to help.

There are no nasty upsells and everything you need to make a great business is inside the back office of your free account.

The products are really well made and the skincare range is gorgeous and so good for your skin



It will take some time to get your name out there but if you learn how it certainly won’t be hard

You must be prepared to work


Yes, 9/10 I would definitely recommend CTFO as a genuine opportunity with a really great line up of products which no doubt will increase as the company grows bigger and bigger.

The people involved with CTFO are giving kind people who truly want to change the future outcome by having products that are completely harmless and have incredible benefits for so many different ailments.

Sure the Drug Companies aren’t going to like it at all, however it really is one of the best things to happen when I think about all the side effects drugs  can have on our organs it amazes me how those drugs are allowed to be handed out to people with you will get better from taking these. How wrong is this?

All over the world, people are turning more and more to Natural remedies for themselves and their animals and the results are pretty darn awesome.


Imagine just for a moment, you joined CTFO and you worked smart and you sold a heap of product and got a large list of associates working alongside you, how great will that be and also think of how much income you will earn if you do this.

I’m thinking this is really great right, so go check them out and see for yourself

What have you got to lose

Just to recap- What do you get?

  • 2 free websites 
  • Products people can order online so no inventory
  • Commission on new members
  • Commission from your sales from your 2 websites
  • Conference calls/ Weekly
  • Skye Group to join for all sorts of free marketing materials
  • Resources galore inside your back office
  • Gala Events to attend

And more so go join for free and see what you can do to help people learn about these truly awesome products.

My rating again 9/10 🙂

I never give a 10 🙂

In conclusion today

I have been an Entrepreneur for around 35 years now and I come across the odd business I feel worthy of mentioning and with the trend moving rapidly towards natural remedies and healing balms, oils and also beauty products, I know if you join CTFO and really work smart at sharing your link and maybe a blog or 2 0r 4 r 5 and share your story on all Social Media platforms and tell people on your email list, not only will you build a really great business but other people you share this great company can do the same and it is FREE, Honest and going places as it grows exponentially.

I have experienced 1st hand what CBD products can do to help humans and also animals and I know how awesome these products truly are

They are clean, certified safe, legal and incredibly powerful so get involved and who knows, maybe one you will thank me for writing this blog and sharing this information with you today.

I hope so as it is my purpose in life to help people live their life on their terms and if I can help those of you who read this then I smile and know another helpful day has been enjoyed

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you on my team at CTFO

Go easy










58 thoughts on “Review of CTFO 2018 – Is this for you”

  1. I hadn’t heard of CTFO before and after reading your review it really does seem like this is something for me.

    I really like that there are weekly calls as something like that will help me stay on track.   The training breakdown you provided looks awesome and I think you go me 🙂   I’ll be joining you on the CTFO team shortly.

  2. Hi Vicky. This is a hot topic right now and certainly in the UK the use of canabis oil for epileptic children has just been allowed. I myself have Glaucoma and I’ve been told by friends that the use of canibis products might well help me too instead of using eye drops which I’m now having an allergic reaction to. I also don’t like testing on animals so try and use products that are not as often as I can. Do you know if these products are available in the UK or whether this company has plans to sell there?

  3. I’ve been seeing CBD products popping up everywhere and it really is an amazing thing! Such a great alternative to the many harmful prescription medications that people have been using for years. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Vicki,

    Thanks for sharing this amazing product and the business opportunity that it offers. After reading through your article, I think that this type of business is an enhance and better way of doing MLM. Considering a free sign-up and no hidden cost is what caught my attention and will me lead to give this new business opportunity a try.

  5. Hi Vicki,

    This sounds great not that I am a big fan of MLM type companies, however, besides that the products sound really good.  I like the fact they are not animal tested as well – too many well known products in our shops these days are and it really has to stop.

    Thanks for sharing.  If I ever… ever become part of an mlm type business again I have to truly believe in the products it is sharing, I use them with great results and can wholeheartedly share it with passion.  Maybe I need to look more into this type of one!

    1. Yes, it will develop into a billion dollar industry over time and well worth joining so you can help people with natural healing remedies:)

  6. I had no idea how many opportunities there were out there in the hemp industry.  It’s not really my scene, if you know what I mean, but this definitely opened my eyes.  Maybe I should give this more attention than I have in the past.  Thanks for bringing up some good points and getting me going in the right direction.  I will be back.

    1. Hi Brandon

      Yes it will a multi billion dollar industry in the future as people move more and more to natural remedies rather than hideous drugs with organ failure from side effects

      Thanks for stopping by today

  7. Hi Vicki,

    The infamous CTFO. I’m glad you did a review on it because while building out my first website, I ran into in the begging steps. I didn’t stick with out because I had other priorities to attend to. I appreciate the fact that there are no upsells, as that’s something In my criteria for joining a program. A mult-billion dollar industry is defientelt not out of reach. Such an interesting article, thank you.

    1. Yes it really is a wonderful business where we can help so many people naturally which is awesome
      Glad you stopped by and if I can help please let me know

  8. This is an intriguing opportunity. How about a sample before joining? How do people know that the products will help? Do you know of one of them for joint pain management? How long have you been involved? It seems like a lot of questions but this does seem lie a good possibility for personal growth.

    1. Hi Thomas
      Yes there are products for joint pain and many other amazing healing products as well
      I will email you with more details and hope I get to work with you

    1. Hi Derval
      It is truly a great opportunity to help people and grow a great online business
      If you are interested in knowing more please email me and I will help you along the way

  9. Hi Vicki,

    I have been with Melaleuca on an doff for years. I love the natural products, but it is annoying you are forced to buy a certain amount every month to maintain your account in good standing and keep your down-line. I am always looking for a great business opportunity and this sounds really good. I will certainly have to check it out.

    Thanks for posting!

    1. It really is a great opportunity and its free as well which is amazing and you don’t have to buy every month- buy as you need so definitely could be a great new business for you to begin
      All the best

  10. It is a win win situation .With all the natural ingredients included and with hemp becoming decriminalized this business should be booming in a few short years for sure .also love how it is safe on animals as well is a real plus.

  11. Your review is timely, as the market for CBD products is huge right now, and will continue to grow as people discover its effectiveness.  I have used CBD products for a couple of years now, and have gained enormous benefits from them.  This company certainly looks like one to watch.  It will be interesting to see what comes of it.  Will you do a follow-up article sometime in the future so we can see whether it is catching the attention of the world?  If so, I’d like to read it.  

    Thanks for writing this post.  You have presented food for thought.

  12. This sounds like a great company offering a great product. They also seem to be offering quite a lot of support to build up a business for yourself. And all of this for free or is there a catch somewhere along the way? I know of the health benefits and would definitely be interested, but unfortunately it is not (yet) available in Australia. 

    1. No catches Petra and when it comes to Australia I will let you know as it truly is a fabulous opporunity to build and help people that’s for sure

  13. Vicki,
    Hemp oil and it’s positive effects are being recognized around the globe. I have seen the results first hand and I am amazed. You are in the right place at the right time!

  14. This is a very topical and trending product. For too long the unique properties of hemp and the products derived from it have not been given credibility and acceptance. People are now turning away from manufactured drugs products to natural products such as hemp and t tree oil and all the other essential oils.  This product you have featured has a huge future potential as it becomes more accepted by mainstream medicine. 

    We use hemp oil on sun spots and skin cancers and it is definitely proving to be very effective. 

    I have also explored the topic on a web page of my own Natures Healing Gifts

    I was interested to sign up as an affiliate but Australia is not listed as one of the countries where it can be marketed so I was a bit disappointed as I would be keen to promote the products. I really liked the fact that the range of products includes a range of other ingredients which are also natural and possessing wonderful healing properties. 

     Let me know when it becomes open to Aussies and I will get on board. 

    1. Hi Judy

      I sure will and it will great to have you on my team as you already love hemp oil on your skin so you would help a lot of people of this I am sure 🙂

      Will keep you posted


  15. Hi Vicki,

    Really cool article, and I like you are all for the use of Natural healing over Pharmacuetical drugs which are handed out by doctors who are really just legal drug dealers. I have used hemp for many years and I have seen over recent years the benefits of this unsung hero. It’s benefits have been known for years and even so many more of it’s true healings are being confirmed even as I write.

    It is wonderful that you are promoting a company which has such a huge future and loads of potential. I’m a serious contender for joining you and CTFO.

    Thanks for the opportunity


    1. Hi Paul

      I really hope you do join me as the products are truly amazing and if you already use hemp, i’m sure you do so well helping people with the CTFO products

      Let me know and I’m here to help

  16. Hi Vicky,

    Yet another great opportunity to make a bit of money online.  I have read the compensation plan and notice you have ranks and teams.  The higher your rank the more money you make.  I agree with you.  If you work hard and promote the products correctly you can make a good passive income (20% commission +).

    The only problem is, it is only available in the following countries:  USA, Canada, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Island, Ireland and Sweden.

    I don’t reside in any of these countries and will not be able to sign up as an associate, but I think it is a really good opportunity if you are living in one of these countries.

    Thanks for a great review!


    1. I’m sure it will one day be all over in every country and will kepp you posted on the changes as they happen

      All the best

  17. Hey Vicki,

    Thanks for this post. To be honest, I’ve never heard of CTFO, but reading your post enlighten me. 

    What I like about it is that, the products are not tested to animals. And with more and more people turning into natural remedies these days? I believe this could be a hit. Plus… it’s free with skpe training and meetings and 2 websites. I think it’s worth checking out.

    Thank you for sharing. 

    1. Hi Mina

      It sure is- It is truly remarkable place to help people naturally and I agree it is going to be huge as time goes by

      Thank you for your input 

  18. Hey Vicki,

    Thank you for sharing this information on hemp oils and the benefits that they offer. It is amazing how science has really evolved to where we now can see the benefits that cannabis can provide when used properly. I know that hemp oil is legal in most countries however many people do have to worry about drug testing. Is the product they offer considered THC free? That is something that will way as a factor for those who could lose employment due to the use of the product if it does contain THC. Otherwise, I know and agree this being natural is far better than pharmaceutical products.

    1. Yes 100% thc free and you will see on the website front page

      amazing products and highly recommended for everyone who prefers natural to drugs

  19. Sounds like a healthy product and an amazing opportunity ahead of us. They also seem to offer a lot of marketing materials and customer support. It definitely worth trying as long as it doesn’t cost much especially that it’s a new fast-growing market and if you enter the market soon enough, it will pay off in great rewards.

    My only concert is that I hadn’t heard of the CBD subject before and because these are new products I don’t know how to make sure they are really safe to use.

    Thanks for the heads up.



    1. Hi Albert- If you click on the link you will go to the website and see how safe these products are and also CBD products are taking off across the globe however some of them are not of high quality and CTFO are proven, stamped by the authorities and they are not animal tested which is also a plus even though some of the products are suitable to use on animals 🙂

      Go check it out – you will enjoy what it offers I’m sure

  20. Anti aging and making money? I’m sold. I’ve never heard of them before but I would love to check them out now and see what they are all about. Thanks again for sharing this is making me aware of this. It sounds pretty interesting to use and to be part of the company business plan. 

    1. Hi Andrea

      CTFO is awesome and such a great way to help peopl naturally

      I look forward to helping you when yopu come aboard

      All the best and success in all you do


  21. Very informative site. Thank you. I stumbled across your site because I was looking for something free. I knew that Cannabidiol has always been good. And the idea of not testing on animals. Along with the large variety. I am giving this some serious thought. I have never heard of free to join, along with skype meetings, and training. 

    I think more and more people (myself for sure) are becoming more aware of natural remedies, and are seeking them out. 

    1. Hi Debbie- Yes it really is a great business to get into and being free is always a real bonus

      CTFO want to change our future outcome hence the free membership

      I will be there to steer you in the right direction and look forward to working with you if you join


  22. i think person should really start off in this industry today because this is a growing industry. this industry already has a large product line. This also will help many person, with various health issues as the products range from skin care products to weight loss care. Very detailed information on this company this will allow many individuals to understands what CTFO really is and the benefits that the products offers.

    1. Thanks Michael- Yes CTFO is growing fast due to its free membership and awesome procuts that are helping people everyday around the world

      Thanks for stopping by

  23. CTFO seems like the right business at the right time. With legalized marijuana happening and the organic trend continuing to grow, this seems like it would have lots of opportunity to promote. And it’s not overcrowded. I love the opportunity. And the types of customer problems is fairly large so I can target several niches with the same product, that I like. Thanks for sharing. 

    1. Hey JB – yes it is an honest company with wonderful ethics, awesome products and its free to join which is amazing 

      Thank you for your positive comments re CTFO and all the best

  24. Hey Vicki.  

    Very pleased to see this post.  I am a big believer in natural remedies and 2 years ago switched to a Whole Food Plant Based with No Oil lifestyle and the improvement in my health has been nothing short of dramatic.

    I was recently introduced to CBD and the business opportunity that it offers but have as yet not taken the plunge …

    Mmmm …

    Maybe it is time I should because I have heard nothing but good about the product (I wish I could try it but NZ laws don’t permit it) and any business success would be secondary to helping people who are ill.  Trust me I know what it is like to be ill and to despair for the future.

    Best of luck with the business.

    1. Yes Lawrence

      There are amazing results being recovered every second of the day as people who need healing are being healed without hideous drugs and no side effects as well

      You must join and one day it will reach New Zealand but for now maybe you can help people from your home country 

  25. Hey Vicki,
    Thanks for making me aware of this innovative new product line up. What really caught my attention was that this company had products for animals as well.
    I’ve always felt it was just as important to provide non-pharmaceutical options for my animals as it was for myself.
    The depth and breadth of the product line are impressive, and that fact you can join for FREE is unheard of! I’m giving it some serious consideration.

  26. This is AMAZING considering the products are not tested on animals. This is the way it should be, all the time, with every product. When I was searching for an opportunity I wanted something that’s free and has no upsells because I like to see what and who I’m working with before diving in. I’m looking forward to the Skype group calls too! Wow, thanks for all your help on this review.

    1. You are welcome Brandon and well done coming aboard

      I am here to help you along the way and look forward to connecting with you


  27. Hello Vicki, I have never heard about CTFO before however when I came across your post explain about them. I have grown very curious into what this business are selling. It’s seems that, this company are saving planet earth and are doing human a huge favour because the herbals that they are offering can have a profound healing on the body. One question though, which of their products can heal anxiety? Thanks for the answer in advance.  

    1. Hi Ku

      They have drops you use to help with anxiety

      Go join the site for free through my link and you can everything they have within the site

      All the best 


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