The Law of Attraction and You – How it can work for you

How does the Law of Attraction work for you?

Hi and welcome. The Law of Attraction has been around for 1000’s of years and has been worded as many different things.

If you have seen the Secret or read the book, this is when LOA really became very popular among people worldwide.

People read books, watched videos, listened to CD’s and a whole lot of other LOA materials which helped them immensely I’m sure

I was one of these people and I can tell you, it changed my life. So let’s get right into it

Have you got a Why?

Whatever you think about goes out into the universe and for many people it can often be thoughts of hoping life was better, wishing you had more money, more time, better health and the list goes on.

When you want to change something in your life, you have to have a reason why and it must be solid. By solid I mean, you can’t just say.” I want money”

Instead for the law of attraction and you to connect, you need to have a WHY- ” I have $4000 and I have now completed the bathroom in our new home”

Can you see how different this feels? You have now put it out there, that you have the desired amount of money and you have also used a great WHY.

If you just drift along saying whatever you want without purpose and a definite reason, you are not putting the right energy out and chances are unless you win a lottery, you ain’t gonna see the money you “want”

When goes with Why

Let’s dig deeper now- In the previous paragraph there is a statement of intent which is good but it is not great, you see you need more than just wanting something and a reason for wanting it. you need a When also.

They work together for example ” I feel amazing! It’s now Sep 20th 2018 and I have completed the bathroom. It looks so great with the new blue tiles, the walk-in shower and the vanity looks stunning in white and I have $550 left to put towards my next mission on our home” time to celebrate

How did that feel, compared to the 1st and 2nd statements?

Have you got what it takes?

So you are getting the picture of how to go about using the Law of Attraction so now what?

You sit back and wait for the $$$$$’s to flow into your bank account – NO of course not. How ridiculous is this

You have to make a plan, set goals and work towards creating the amount of money you desire.  Nobody can just sit back hoping for a life change. We all have to get up and go do it, whatever it is we do

You will need discipline, focus, faith, guts, persistence, courage and a whole lot of other cools attributes if you are going to succeed. The universe will step up and help but you also have to step up to create the energy called the Law of Attraction.

You want more than this I am sure

I don’t know you so I don’t know what you really want but I do know if you really desire change, it may be a good idea to take a course as I did to help you learn the most valuable tools to enable you to make truly lasting positive changes in your life.

I loved the  courses I took and I can tell you, spending money on the courses I have done has paid me many times over with the success in my life and of course what I attracted into my life

Doing it alone can be challenging because you can lose focus after trying hard for a while and then become lazy or non-motivated and as soon as this starts to happen, your Goals get further away and then you may even put your goals in the “too hard Basket” which in my opinion is sad. I have seen a lot of people do this and then live with regrets. Please don’t be one of them

Take the free tests – receive a free ebook

If you really want to learn more about the Law of Attraction and you, please take advantage of these free offers

Bob Doyle and Joe Vitale along with their fantastic team have put together some really great information and a fun quiz for you to complete

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Where to from here- Are you ready to bring LOA into your life?

Every day when you wake up – Be thankful for your new day and all the awesome things that are yours. Whether you have reached your Goals or you are still working hard to achieve them, it is important to thank the Universe for all you have and believe it gets better each day and it will.

You may have times when things don’t go exactly as you have planned and this is ok because something good will happen to help you understand why you had to experience the not so good. Maybe you needed a little more knowledge about something or a little more patience.

Everything we are given is our teacher and when you understand and accept this, you will do great in all you work on.

In conclusion today

Having faith in the Universal Energy of this amazing planet we are sharing is truly the best way to walk through life. Giving the best of who you are and accepting all the wonderful things coming your way.

There is a really great Story John Assaraf shared with the world.

John had a vision board and on that board, he placed a photo of a home he wanted to own and live in.

He went on with his life and worked hard putting positive energy out to the Universe every day.

Years went by and he bought a home and while him and his young son were unpacking boxes that had been stored away in the attic of his old home, his son pulled out John’s vision board that had been stored away for years and there on the vision board was the home he and his wife had just bought.

Amazing how powerful the Universe is?

Is this your belief? How do you manifest all the great things that come to you?

I hope you have enjoyed this post today. I have really enjoyed sharing with you and if I can ask 2 things of you today it is this.

Please get the free stuff and if you choose to go further -Fantastic. It will change you forever if you see it through

The 2nd thing I ask, if you enjoyed this post please leave a comment and if you would like to more then join our mailing list for further cool stuff

See you soon




14 thoughts on “The Law of Attraction and You – How it can work for you”

  1. Thanks so much for this post. 

    Its always nice to read about the law of attraction and the info provided about manifesting through your intention point is a new age style twist on the normal law of attraction principles. 

    My fascination with this technique has been in existence since I first read the original book at about ten years old. We all need to be reminded of things and your post served as a great reminder at just the right moment in my life. 

    Thank you again, the original book is a definite must read and I intend on further exploring the current info that you provide here

    1. Hi Amelita, thank you for this comment and well done on learning this at age 10

      Success must be your ten fold because of this 🙂

      Go well and be awesome

  2. The page gives you a new perspective on things. I actually pulled out pen and paper and took notes. Every individual needs to sit down and action write their wants and needs. Not to mention informing yourself of the goals you want in life, as well of why can be an asset to the very next step in your life. 

    1. Hi Montana and I am so glad you got something valuable to take away to use from this post and wish you success in all you work for 

      Go well

  3. Law of attraction is a belief that attracts positive or negative thoughts and one can bring positive or negative results with it. It’s like every time we think a thought or we speak a word, the universe is listening and responding to us so we always try to train our mind to think and focus on positive, not negative. Working consciously with your thoughts, feelings and beliefs you can get productive results. Great article, thanks for sharing.

  4. I just need to leave a comment and express with gratitude how serendipitous this is to read your article when at the current moment, I am experiencing a MOMENTUM of great manifesting wonderfulness. Everything is happening in perfect succession. 

    Let me back up. I am a single mom living with my family. I am struggling to be able to provide for my son at the moment. I am working on this project with all my heart and soul. Well two very important people took notice of my hard work and since they are so gifted in the industry they are willing to help me out with all they got. Their help comes with lifetime access to their courses ( which are valued at $400 for a year but I have lifetime access!) as well as personal consulting until I get it right! I mean, I couldn’t have asked for more… because you know what this means? When I get success with this project I am working on, then I will be able to provide for my son more than I am right now. We can get our own place, while still helping my relatives here pay their mortgage, we can travel the world  ( something I have been wanting to do all my life ) but I want my son with me by my side always, and I feel right now all these doors opening for me… like I said the momentum is great and now with this blessed opportunity to work with these two smart individuals, I am going to have more greater opportunities and basically I can sleep easy knowing my future is going to be as beautiful as I envisioned it

    This article was a joy to read because its a sign from the Universe that all is well and going my way. I have bookmarked it for future reference, thank you so much for this uplifting post!

    1. hey Sophia and how wonderful to read what the Universe has brought into your life to help you achieve and learn everything you need to become successful online

      You deserve it all and ask and you will receive 

      Believe in you always Sophia and i look forward to your next visit 🙂

  5. this was beautiful and an amazing eye opening article. The law of attraction is SO important for success and so many people dismiss it like it’s false or some dream but it is real! And those who want success should read up! I find everything I can to learn more and grow, strengthening my connection to the universe. Thank you again 

  6. I think that if you look at the bad stuff and dwell on the things you can’t change yet, you’ll be unhappy and focused on the bad things so you notice more bad things. If you focus more on the good, you’ll notice the good and will start to hope that more good can happen. While you’re looking for those things that you want, you are more likely to take the steps that will lead to those positive things. I don’t believe that you can take good positive steps forward when you spend too much time staring at the places you don’t want to be. You go where you look. 

  7. Thank you for sharing with us this wonderful post o Law of Attraction and How it works for me.Many people including me want a better life but we see the contrary.With Law of Attraction,i have learnt a great lesson .I used to read books where they mentioned LOA but i could not get something to help me.With this post i get what LOA is and I understand that i have to change many habits in my life.

    Thanking Universe,having faith,…are needed in my life.

    I like the post and i want to start this lesson about LOA and i know my life is about to change in good

    1. Hi Julienne

      Glad you got help from this post as this is my intention with all people i write for

      Yes, the LOA will give you everything. You just have to ask and you will receive


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