The Law of Attraction Success Stories- Will you be the next one


Do you want to be the next success story by using the Law of Attraction?

Hi to you and welcome to Cool Change Coach. You have most likely seen or heard about “The Secret” a book written by Rhonda Byrne back in 2006 and also made into a movie. The Secret


If you haven’t, it is all about the Law of Attraction and the impact this has on our lives. I am not here to share the book or the movie with you, however, I have studied LOA for many years and live by the philosophy and thought it would be good to share some success stories with you today.

How does it work?

The Law of Attraction Success Stories starts with you. Now for those of you who really want to change your current daily struggle, this could be exactly what you need.

Many of us, me included have struggled with the daily grind and I remember back in 2006 I was going through recovery after life-saving brain surgery and was told I would not work again. I remember thinking this can’t be right surely. I have worked all my life and I enjoy working. Not for someone else of course but I have been self-employed since I started working.

So what was I to do? How could I make these comments invalid? I realised it was up to me and no-one else to make this happen so every minute I was awake I would make myself do something that would bring me further into the person I knew I was.

Sometimes it was a struggle as I used to get very tired but I was determined and I used to ask for help. Not from anyone in particular but I always said out loud.”You got this girl. you can do it” and I kept believing in this and guess what, it worked.

I could feel myself getting stronger every day. I could move more easily, write again without shaking, stay awake longer and I worked every day until I knew I was ready to go out and begin a new journey feeling 80% healed and it is exactly what I did.

I didn’t write this to blow my own trumpet. I wrote is to share with you what you are capable of achieving with the right mindset.

Mindset Matters

People often give up on something because it becomes too hard, or they just can’t be bothered anymore, or they are easily distracted or they listen to other people who are negative. and yet some people will keep going no matter what comes up for them and continue to press forward to achieve the results they desire. Why is this?

Mindset- You have to have the right mindset to achieve anything in life. Whether it is considered a small achievement or a grand achievement, you need the right mindset. So how does the Law Of Attraction come into this?

Watch this video and as the Law of Attraction Success Stories continues 🙂

Now that’s mindset. an amazing story isn’t it and it says so much about Mindset, determination and self-belief.

Programs to help you

Below are a couple of great places to go to learn how to become so powerful in your mind, you will be able to live the life you truly want to live, do the things that right now you feel are a struggle.

You will bring your mind into focusing on what you want in your life and inviting it to come to you through the positive energy you are putting out to the universe.

I have done many courses/programs and love doing them as refreshers nowadays.

People often ask me why am I always so positive and I tell them, it is the only way to be. Everything is energy so why not have the happy positive energy to attract great things to happen in your life. Do you agree with me on this?

Click Here!

Negative energy impact

Negative energy has a powerful effect on us if we let it.

Have you ever said? I can’t I’m not…. enough or I’m not….. to do ……. Or how about. I’ll never have enough money to ……

Those negatives are so hideous and if you or someone you know is like this about different things, you need to remove the negative blocks from your life now as the negative energy you are putting out there is what is stopping you from having, doing, being whatever you want.

The more you put out the negatives, the more negatives will arrive in your life because you are inviting them to join you by what you are saying, feeling or thinking.

Positive Energy and the Impact

Check out this short video and I would love your feedback when you have finished reading this article


Joe Vitale is one of my favourite mentors and I hope you enjoyed the short video. Joe also has a free giveaway so if you click this link it will take you to the LOA gift from Joe

Hope you enjoy Joe as much as I do.

Positive energy will bring you so much good stuff into your life and if you learn how to really lock your mind into using positivity rather than negativity you will see your life transform.

It takes practice to achieve this and if you need to, take a course that will help solidify your positiveness for once and for all.

I can hear you saying- All the time!! Well no of course not. There will be times in your life when something sad or not so good happens, this is life however if you have the tools, you will be able to deal with the not so good stuff more easily, I can assure you of that.

What you put out will come back

Has anyone heard this saying? What you put out comes back.

I want you to try something. From this moment forward I want you to think of good things. Things that make you smile. Things that make you dream. Things that make you laugh and things that make you want to jump with joy.

In today’s world of bigger better, faster more people often forget about the simple pleasures and they also forget to be grateful for what they already have. Have you got a gratitude journal? These are so great – I write in mine every night and then head off to bed feeling so happy and so grateful for what I have.

If you finish your day feeling grumpy, annoyed or angry and go to bed feeling this, you are bound to wake up feeling like crap as well because you are still putting it out there and yes, you got it, it is still inside you because you are still feeding it.

Meditate, do your gratitude, dance, sing, read, do whatever makes you feel good and release the crap you have been carrying around all day.

Here is a quiz for you now so have fun, but come back cos we haven’t finished here yet. 🙂

Click here to go do the quiz

What stops us

The Law of Attraction Success Stories and will you be next? Why this title?

Simple – You deserve to live the best life you possibly can and often it is important to know what stops us from doing this.

Self Sabotage is one of the things we do and if you want to read more about this click here

Fear of success and fear of failure run hand in hand and it is so sad when people have either one of these feelings or both as it causes all sorts of long-term problems if it not dealt with and overcome and if you want to look more deeply into this you can email me and in the subject line write sabotage.

I have helped 100’s of people breakthrough these 2 barriers and I can help you if you are ready for this cool change.

Being a successful coach is something I am passionate about and I love helping people learn to use the necessary tools to live a greater life and I welcome you to get in touch with me.

Have a look at this video by Leonardo DiCaprio. I Think you will enjoy it

Isn’t what Leonardo said so true and if you can live the life you were born to live you will understand the Lao of Attraction and the success story will be your own one. How cool will that be?

All I wish for everyone is they take a look at their internal chatter and work to remove any blocks that are holding them back and live a great life, happy inside and out every day by feeling free and confident and able to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve.

In conclusion today

This has been fun today writing this to share with you and I hope you have enjoyed being here at Cool Change Coach.

There are many resources you can use to help you move through any challenges you have and I am also here to work with you if you feel you would benefit from one of our programs.

They are all designed for you individually as everyone is different and unique which is awesome, so if I can help you please email me with Ready in the subject line as I am here to help you in any way I can.

Here is a bonus for you today and I hope you enjoy this book

Take care and remember- You Rock!!!

Bye for now


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