The Six Figure Mentors – 2018 Review and are they really legit and worth the money?

In this review of The Six Figure Mentors, I am going to cover as much information as I can, so you can make your decision on whether this platform is a great choice when it comes to you building your online future so let’s get right into this now

Who are the Six Figure Mentors?

Name: The Six Figure Mentors


Founders: Jay Kubasek and Stuart Ross – started the business in 2011

Products sold:  High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

The cost to join: $29.95 which is a really great price but it doesn’t give you much at all.

Up-sells :

Student Access: $29.95 + $25 per month  really misleading as you don’t have access to everything you need to build your business and will have to purchase more

Essential Membership: $297 + $97 per month – This will give you some of what you need to have but of course, you are still required to go higher again by becoming an Elite Member no less. Love the Sales pitch using Elite and this will cost you, yes, $2500 per year + $97 each month.

It doesn’t stop there and the up-sells just keep being suggested so that you can become the no.1 Affiliate Marketer ever. hmmm – how do they know this?

Do I recommend this as a great choice? No

Is it legal? Yes most definitely but way too over the top with up=sells

Do you make money? Yes but only if you invest a lot of money into this program 1st and then it’s not guaranteed.

Why? Because around 10% will make it and that’s a big maybe and who wins in this money making, game?

The 2 guys who started it Jay and Stuart are the winners and if you go to youtube you can see them with their luxury lifestyles and holidays anywhere in the world, making out to people like you and me, that this is how it will be for us if we buy all their products.

Well sorry for being cynical but only very few people get this luxury and need to have a lot of money to invest and then try and hook others with money to do the same.

Jay Kubasek used to own Carbon Copy Pro which is no longer around and this was also a very high ticket business where you bought a Business in a Box and became rich- If it was that good, why is it not still around.

Both these guys are young good looking, highly entrepreneurial and live the “Laptop Lifestyle and, Yes, the business is legitimate however I do feel a responsibility to share why I do not recommend this as an option and hee is my comparison chart

See my no1. Recommendation if you truly want to work from home and make money and you can read more about them by clicking here 

The Six Figure Mentors are great but only if you have a lot of money to invest and time to recoup your investment.

Offer by SFM

The Six figure mentors offer Affiliate Marketing training and here is a list of what you get.

  • Step by step training
  • Mindset training- Only if you pay for the up-sells
  • How to live the Laptop Lifestyle- How to make money in other words
  • Videos
  • Coaching- Only if you pay the big money
  • Affiliate Program
  • Marketing Banners
  • Training which is pretty slim unless of course, you spend the big money

The Six figure Mentors make everything seems so amazing on the surface when you see there awesome advertising and flashy lifestyles but I feel they are a misleading people because until you actually pay and join them, it is then, you will learn about the high tickets up-sells and I find this a little dishonest don’t you.

Surely if you are looking at a business, isn’t it more honest when you arrive at a website, there are pricing for all the different add-ons you may want.

This is a screenshot of some of the price offers


Here you will see 3 choices and you must take all the steps and this doesn’t end here.

Yes, I understand how people are wanting to make money and Jay and Stuart are young Entrepreneurs trying to be millionaires as quickly as possible and that’s their thing and whose to say its wrong.

For me though, I feel this type of business is all about them and not truly dedicated to helping normal everyday people become financially independent, in fact, most normal people can’t afford this type of thing and that kinda feels wrong.

What are your thoughts?

These 2 also have Digital Experts Academy and the prices here are way more than SFM so these 2 guys are really making a lot of money from people who are unaware that there are more genuine, more advanced platforms at a lot less than the prices these 2 are asking and with so much more to offer and no hideous up-sells

If you want to know more go check out my recommendation and you can join for free and take a look around and get to see everything that is offered and at one monthly fee which is really low considering what is available to every member. Here is the link 


SFM uses typical hook marketing as in, free videos which aren’t that comprehensive and also e-books which are used by most marketing companies today as a “carrot” to get people to sign up to more incredible offers which normally means join and pay.

The videos offered are all over youtube as well as a hook to get people to join and this is normal for Marketing Companies as well however there is no mention in these videos of the costs to people once they are on the hook and for me, this is again not really an honest way of doing business.

I prefer to tell people the bottom and top of everything from the get-go so my reputation stays intact and people trust them, as this to me is how we should all do business.

They also offer Coaching which is “Exclusive” No it’s not exclusive- you pay the upsell, you get the coach. Simple but another good hook they use for sure.

Getting started

You can start for free, then invest the $297 for Essential Membership and paid $97 per month and then pay $2500 to get more and then pay… to get more. I got out way before this as it just got more and more over the top with costs from up-sells.

Just before I finish my review of The Six Figure Mentors, here are some more up-sells for you from these guys

Silver: $2,500

Gold: $8,000

Platinum: $11,000

Black: $20,000

Yes, they are legal and yes, people sign up with them and a lot of the time, like me at the time, they don’t know of other great places that give way more service, tools and training for a fraction of what is charged by these 2 men so please keep reading.

While I was again looking for the right place, I landed on a website and there was a review similar to this about Wealthy Affiliate and I read the review which was one of the best things I have done in a long time.

When you are looking for a platform to build and grow an online future please keep reading and see where I went and what I discovered 🙂

Integrity and Value

I joined a platform called Wealthy Affiliate and I joined for free and took a really good look inside before I decided to go premium and for the 1st month I received a bonus offer of $19 to join and this offer is available to you as well – Then the premium membership costs $49 per month and here are some of the things you will get – oh and there will be NO up-sells.

  • 25 websites
  • 0ver 3000 WordPress themes to choose from
  • 1 on 1 coaching
  • Live chat 24/7
  • Over 1800 Experts to help you
  • SEO, SSL. Analytics and more technical things to help you with Indexing Site Speed and of course Ranking in the Search Engines
  • Live video and recorded video training
  • 1000’s of resources
  • 2 Incredible Training Programs with over 70 lessons
  • Affiliate Programs x 2 to earn while you learn
  • Marketing Tools
  • Mindset Motivation and other awesome Personal Development training to encourage and empower you if you feel you need it.

and much more so go check it out for yourself and if you are serious about making money online working from home then please join Wealthy Affiliate now and let’s get you started.

In conclusion today

I hope I have given you enough information to make the right decision when it comes to building a great business online and if you have lots of spare money then maybe SFM is for you, however, I would save that spare money and join me along with over 1,000,000 other members inside Wealthy Affiliate so you can begin your new and exciting online journey and if you do join for free to take a look, I’ll be there to offer my expert help to you as you need it as will others 24/7

Go easy and be awesome



Founder of Cool change 4 u

“Success is taking the 1st Step”

















4 thoughts on “The Six Figure Mentors – 2018 Review and are they really legit and worth the money?”

  1. Hello there. Reviews are great ways to keep us on the right track while we are on a search for legitimate money making programmes. Thank you for sharing The Six Figure Mentors review. Without looking forward, I dislike Products with upsells. The upsells are too freaking expensive.

    Weathy Affiliate is the way to go. I have read so many reviews about Wealthy Affiliate. No body seem to speak bad about it. I have tasted it too. I never want to cancel my membership. 

  2. Great post and professional looking website.  It is always a treat to see members from Wealthy Affiliate show casing their websites.  Wealthy Affiliate offers so much in its various training platforms.  It appears that Wealthy aAffiliate has everything one would need to start and grow a business and at a reasonable cost per year.   You provide much content that will educate anyone searching for ways to generate a networking or home-based income.   

    1. Thanks Mark and Yes- up-sells are hideous and Wealthy Affiliate is incredible because of its true pay it forward system within the community

      Go well

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