Tips for Starting an Online business- Essentials You Need to get Started

Where is your Online Journey going to take You?

Great, you have decided to start an online business or you are thinking about it would like to know the essential you will need to get started. I am going to explain the most important tools you will need in order to create and build a successful money making online business, so let’s get into this


Before you get started it is important to decide what you are going to build a website about. This is where your niche/idea is important.

Always choose something of interest to you and something you know about as this makes it easier to write content for your site.

An example of this might be- Saddles for western riders, or basketball shoes for pro players, or durable dogs toys, or how to construct lego or hot wheels.

If you go too broad with your niche, it can be difficult to get ranked because your site isn’t specialized enough for example- Horses. Boats, Caravans, RV’s, Flying, Travel, Vacations…

Always choose a more specific idea to create from as Google will crawl your site and you will also more visitors if you are more specific with your choice of niche.

I always teach people when choosing a niche, is this something you would enjoy telling a close friend about over coffee or dinner? If, Yes, you have made a great choice.

Domain name-  how to do choose?

When choosing a domain name make sure it is relevant to your niche so people can relate to your website by its title rather than having your have a specific title and try to get a if you can as the big search engines like this more than .org  or, .co.

Also, try to make your domain name as short as possible. This can be a challenge so might take some thinking outside the square for this

As you know,, are a few short name sites and coming up with one this small might be a little tricky but be as short as you can and please try not to have hyphens in your domain either. Not good and here is an example of this: be- your- best- – it just doesn’t work so be aware of this when you start to come up with ideas.



Take a look at these comparisons as there is quite a big price difference shown here.

I’ll tell you more about which one to go with shortly- Well my recommendation- it’s up to you in and what you choose of course.

Website- How to do this

When you build a website, especially if you don’t want to pay someone else 100’s of dollars to do this for you, I suggest you take a look at the platform I use as it is everything you will ever need to build an awesome website and develop it into an income-earning online future for you.

Yes, it takes some time but to actually build your website, takes under 60 seconds in the platform I use. You get to choose from 1000’s of amazing themes and click create and voila, you have a website to begin building onto with articles, images, information, videos, whatever you want and through the platform I use, you can do all the training provided for a small monthly fee. I’ll go into this a bit more in-depth real soon.

Here are hosting comparisons for you take a look at

Wealthy Affiliate is the platform I use and it is ranked as the no,1 platform in the world. And for good reason.

When you join Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member you pay $49 per month which gives you everything, yes everything you need to build a successful online business.

  • Your own website- Yes
  • Hosting- Yes
  • WordPress- Your writing platform and theme design
  • Training – Yes
  • Support – Yes 24/7
  • Help- Yes a wonderfully supportive community of members who are helping people 24/7 if needed
  • How many websites – 25 websites for no extra cost. You only pay for the domain for every new site
  • Up-Sells- NO, never
  • Marketing- Yes- all Seo is included
  • Bonus- Yes, you can join for free and stay as a free member if you like however you do get everything with premium and I went premium after 2 days and love it.


Next up we have content, and this is one of the most essential things you will need to know about. how to create great content and why, so let’s go into this a bit deeper.

You have now got your website, domain name and you have chosen a design for your website. The next thing you need is content.

When you are writing content my suggestion to you is this. Write as if you were sitting with a friend over a meal or coffee and you are telling them about something relative to your niche.

When you are chatting, you always show expressions, feelings, etc and this is exactly how you write. While I am writing this to you now, I am thinking of sitting with you and I am telling you how to go about doing all the essential things needed to start your own online business.

I am really enjoying this as I know quite a bit about how to do this and I am helping you learn.

Just because I am at my computer desk, doesn’t mean I can’t be expressive and engaging by just being me. This is how you write content.

How long should each article/blog/post be? Great questions and one that is debated a bit. Google will index you quicker if they value what you have written and I was taught to write anything from 1000 words upwards to 2500, 3000 per article depending on what you are helping people with.

If you dislike writing, you can always hire a freelancer to write content for you if you have the money to do this, otherwise, I, suggest you just start writing and sharing your information for your readers to enjoy.

Do some research. Go visit different websites and read some articles of interest to you and see how others do it, but whatever you do, NEVER copy anyone’s work as this plagiarism and is not ok at all and if you get caught, you could end up in serious trouble.

Also if Google is crawling your site, they will know it has been copied as their analysis of websites is very thorough so please NEVER do this. It’s just plain stupid.

There is a great tool you can use which is essential when writing and this is a keyword tool. In Wealthy Affiliate you have already got Jaaxy built in, however, if you want to use another one as well I suggest you try Long Tail Pro as it is a very good Keyword tool


Keywords are the titles you use for each post/article/blog you write and learning the skills on Keywords is vital to your being indexed and ranked and it taught within the training in Wealthy Affiliate which is another bonus they have for you as a member.

They teach you about low hanging fruit, QSR and all sorts of cool essentials and I won’t go into it here as it is really something you should learn via the training





There is another essential tool to use when writing content and this is Grammarly. grammarly has saved me hours of editing, spelling errors, sentence structure and more. I love using Grammarly and wouldn’t be without it now.

Check it out and give it a try – It really is awesome and it connects to word, emails, office, WordPress, which is the writing platform we use within the Wealthy Affiliate platform and yes, this is also included in the membership.




In conclusion

OK, you have now got all the essentials you will need to build your online business future.

Will you make money? yes, but not instantly. As with any business, it takes time to build trust with your readers, and knowledge on how to build and grow a following on your website. Learning the skills is easy if you do the training I suggested as it really is the best you find anywhere and is included in your membership with Wealthy Affiliate, so my suggestion now, is to join for free, take a good look inside the platform and if you decide this is for you, upgrade to premium and take advantage of this powerful platform.

I’ll see you in Wealthy Affiliate to offer my help  you as you go along and I look forward to your new journey online

Thanks for stopping by today and if you got some tips from this article, please leave a comment or ask any questions you may have

Bye for now

Vicki – I made a Cool change 🙂


20 thoughts on “Tips for Starting an Online business- Essentials You Need to get Started”

  1. Thanks, Vicki for your article, I am reassured that I have gone through your steps for online success. Now it is all about consistently writing quality content to help my readers.

  2. The site hosting alone is a steal if you want to have more than one website! Since you can host up to 25 sites for the same price, if you have a monthly membership, that’s less than $2 a month per site. I’m off to check out Long Tail Pro, it looks interesting. Thanks for the info!

  3. Hi Vicki,
    Thanks for the great info. I might say that choosing a domain name should be the easiest thing to do but sometimes I get too ambitious in creating one that I end up deviating from my niche. What do you suggest to be the simplest approach to creating one?

    1. Hi Derrick
      Creating a domain name can be tricky and my suggestion is to keep is relative to your niche and as short as possible and .com is the way to go
      I hope this helps

  4. I definitely agree with you that content is really one of the most important things to being successful online. I mean it’s the thing that’s going to bring people to your site in the first place so if it’s good and actually helps them, then they’ll for sure be back again. Grammarly is also a nifty little tool that helps immensely. Good points made.

  5. Hello Vicki,
    Thanks for the great information! I’ve looked at Go Daddy and Name Cheap before, but didn’t realize the hidden cost. Wealthy Affiliate has very good reviews, great support team, and training. From my own experience, I would definitely agree that WA is the way to go.
    This is real good information people should know before starting their own online business.

    1. Hi Devara and thank you- Yes, other places have hidden costs and WElalthy Affiliate is honest from the get go and this is why I highly recommend it to people
      Thank you and good on you for choosing the no,1 platform

  6. Hello,
    I was not familiar with Long Tail Pro I am kind of curious about it and may have to check it out. I have recently heard about Grammarly and that definitely helps tons. I like the way you talked about the content. Let’s be honest who has money to hire someone to write content? Better yet why would you want to? Once you start writing content in the niche of your preference it seems like it flows better than natural conversation, just another tid bit of advice to help spread knowledge with the world.

  7. Hey Vicki 🙂 You have some great information and tips about building an online business and Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a long hard road but anything worthwhile is.
    Writing unique content and using long tailed keywords are essential to success. But you can’t beat what Wealthy Affiliate offers and the training and support are the best.
    Once you get started, it’s hard to stop 🙂
    Thanks for some awesome reading!

    1. Ho Rob- Thank you for your great feedback and yes Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to build your online future and I wish you continued success

  8. Hi Vicki I am also a member of the Wealthy Affiliate I love the information and the teaching tapes by Kyle, I became a member a couple of months ago and in the short time I have gained so much knowledge I think Wealthy Affiliate is really the best site for starting an online business.

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