Top 5 reasons not to join Younique

Welcome to Cool Change 4 you and I have written this blog to share my 5 top reasons not to join the MLM company Unique

I have been involved in a few MLM’s and this one is one I would definitely not get involved with and here are my reasons why and are only my opinions from what I have researched

Is Younique a Scam?     

It is a legitimate business however if you keep reading you will see why I prefer other companies compared to Younique.

I am an Affiliate Marketer and a successful online Marketer and I  enjoy helping people all over the world move forward with their online futures and this post I feel is a good share with you when you are looking for great options to find success online.

If you want to read my no.1 recommendation click here

Younique the company

Founders: Derek Maxfield and Melanie Huscroft

Years in business: 2012-2018

MLM Company:  Beauty products and cosmetics for women

The cost to join:  $99

Recommended – 4/10

Is it truly unique?

No, its just another company trying to push products via MLM and the products are not good at all and some of the reviews online are worth checking out.


As you can see by these reviews there are some really unhappy people who have used these products and if I had time I would have screenshot a lot more as online there are 100’s of bar reviews about Younique

Product range

  • Fragrance – Perfumes
  • Tools – Palette, face brush set, eye brush set, lip brush
  • Skin – Moisturizer, cleanser, day/night cream, mask, cleaning cloths
  • Eyes – Mascara, fibre lashes, eyeliner, lash serum, eye primer
  • Lips – Lip exfoliator, lip plumper, lipstick, lip balm
  • Face – Face primer, setting spray, setting powder, pressed blusher

What interests me also is this.

When a company are selling products, shouldn’t they be telling you exactly what you are putting onto your skin

I took a screenshot of the moisturiser and here is what is in it

These is the only ingredients I could find and wouldn’t you think they would display all the ingredients so women know what’s going onto their skin. As a woman, I do not like this at all as I have reactions to things and wouldn’t buy these products for this reason.

Here is a video review, on Younique


Kind of says it all really doesn’t it?


How to earn money with MLM Company Younique

You pay $99 to join and you get a kit with quite a lot of product

You receive a pretty standard bag of the product plus marketing material similar to all MLM businesses which is great and then it is up to you to find people to buy the product and join your business.

This is an average commission so from this information, it would mean, you are going to have to work extremely hard to get associates who are prepared to buy a lot of product for you make a decent residual income and $14 doesn’t do it for me. How about you?

( This only mentioned due to research online and may not be correct)

Here a screenshot of the compensation plan although I find it a little hard to understand as the $’s earned isn’t here

I’ve seen a lot of compensation plans over the years and 99% of them show the compensation plan with points needed, associates needed to reach rank and monetary commission earned but here its just points needed for ranking. A bit strange in my opinion.

100’s of MLM for women’s products

I am not saying this is a bad business model as I don’t have all the facts to offer on this company however from the research I have done on Younique it just doesn’t feel like a great opportunity to become involved with however if you would like to do this, then all the best to you.

MLM’s are everywhere these days and every one of them claims their products are the best which is marketing of course.

Lots are part of the better business bureau and the direct selling association, not necessarily because they have awesome products, but because some of the people who joined right in the beginning of the company*The ground floor) have made great incomes and this happens in most MLM’s and as they grow a lot of them fall over after some time as they just haven’t got what it takes with product quality and also the compensation plan and people come and go very quickly in this type of Marketing.

I found this interesting video from someone who was doing really great with Younique and then quit. Very interesting information and worth sharing with you

I will mention a couple of great companies and one is Melaleuca as every product is toxin free and they have over 500 products which makes it a much easier business to build and they have been around for 34 years which says a whole lot for Melaleuca and if you want to know more please email me and I will help you learn more 🙂

The other one that’s worth a mention is CTFO and if you want to go and check out my review on CTFO as I’m sure you will enjoy what you read ????

In conclusion

There are so many MLM’s online and I’m telling you if you join any of them, be prepared to work hard if you want success and if it’s not MLM and its Affiliate Marketing you choose, guess what, you are going to work hard to build your business as well.

Yes, every business we own or create and build is hard work and if you stay focused on your Goals and WHY you want to have your own business online then you will achieve great results no matter what you choose.

For me, however, I prefer Affiliate Marketing because you are not chasing family and friends or random strangers, you are adding content to your awesome website, joining places like Amazon, E-Bay, Clickbank, Jzoo and 100’s more great Companies as an Affiliate and you are going to add links to your website to help visitors learn about the products you have linked too and when visitors click on your link and buy from the company, you get paid.

You can build a very healthy income from these sources and all sorts of other great ways which I’m not going to go into right now.

Whatever you choose all the best for you.

What is your preference?

Why do you feel like this?

I’d love to read your answers below and if you liked this article maybe you could do me a favour and share it 🙂

Remember “Success is yours. All you have to do is take the 1st step”

Go easy


Cool Change 4 u






4 thoughts on “Top 5 reasons not to join Younique”

  1. Hi Vicki,

    Good review here on Younique.  Yes, like you, I would have a problem not knowing what is in the products and if you don’t get a full ingredient list then that is a big red flag.  

    Make up is not my thing anyway, and if for them it is just to push crappy products for monetary gain and growing mlm style then it is something I will definitely avoid!

  2. I think affiliate marketing is so much better than MLM, Vicki. With MLM you have to rely on others to work hard and they may not be hard workers. With Affiliate Marketing it is totally up to how hard you work and also gives more flexibility. You don’t have to convince someone to join something they may not want to be a part of, but just to buy a product they may want – a lot easier sell.

    Younique sounds like a terrible company, but it is good you offer the alternative in 34-year company of Melaleuca for those who are interested in a cosmetic MLM.

    1. Hi Alexander

      Thanks for stopping by and Yes Melaleuca certainly is a brilliant company with over 500 household products along with a skin care range all toxin free

      I agree with you re MLM

      It is so hard to keep people motivated if its not in them and the amount of people you have to get to make a full time income is unreal

      All the best and thank you

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