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Today is about writers’ block and how to overcome  the blocks that stop you from creating awesome content for yourself, your offline business, your book, you are writing, your freelance work, in fact, every job you undertake as a writer so I look forward to helping you with the triple hack for writers block

Subject matter   

As a writer subject matter is vital and sometimes finding the right subject matter can be a challenge so I have created a course to help you ease the pain you go through when the block hits.

How did I know what to create? Simple, many times over the early years of writing I would often get the block and not know what to do next.

Having learned the skills and being in the business of working with people to help them breakthrough challenges I thought what better than to create a course to teach people how to overcome writer’s block but instead of selling it to you, I thought, I would just share what I know here and now to help you on your way, so lets get into things here

1st Hack- Research

When you are writing anything one of the biggest keys to success is research on the subject you are writing about, whether it be non- fiction or fiction.

Yes, do your research on different articles that have been written, search for websites to learn more on your subject and you might even what to read some great books relating to what you are writing about as this is sure to get the mind flowing with ideas.

The skills to great writing are simple really. You have a subject you have chosen, Yes, OK,  now as you do your research, write down any ideas that pop into your head and keep researching until you feel confident you have run out of resources.

Now look at the list of ideas, then break each idea into more ideas on which you are going to base your writing on.

How is the block feeling now?

2nd Hack: Confidence – how to keep up the confidence when writers’ block gets you.

Sometimes when we get writers’ block it can lead to us losing confidence in our ability as a writer, which can snowball into procrastination, the 2 go hand in hand.

So, how do regain the confidence you need. First, you have to stop listening to the chatter in your mind telling you all the negative nonsense and believe me, it is nonsense.

Whenever something negative arrives and tries to get into your mind, I want you to say aloud, NO, and quickly think of a time when you wrote something you absolutely loved. This might need to be done a few times, but eventually, those negative messages will stop. I refer to them as “monkeys” who chatter and don’t make sense at all to me, so why would I let them enter my mind? I wouldn’t and neither should you.

Procrastination is a big word isn’t it- Yes, especially if you procrastinate and I have worked with a lot of procrastinators through the years as a Coach and I can tell you right here and now, Procrastination is one of the worst things people can do in all areas of their life.

3rd Hack: Procrastination and writers’ block

These 2 fit together like new socks. Unfortunately when you lose confidence, it can often create procrastination within the writer and this needs to be dealt with in this 3rd hack.

Have you ever said”I’ll do it….” or maybe “Oh,  not right now, I’ll get back to it soon” and soon takes a very long time?

What happens when you procrastinate is you lose more mojo and then your motivation to write gets further away and more excuses come rolling in and it goes on and on until you decide, yes YOU DECIDE, Enough is enough!!!

Only then can you breakthrough this hideous cycle and really start to get back on track as a writer.

My suggestion to you if you are a procrastinator or a person who lacks confidence or a person who gets writers’ block easily is this

  • Make a Goal– When do you want what you are writing to be completed?
  • Make a Plan– Step by step how are you going to achieve this goal. Break each step into smaller steps if you have to and have an end date for each step.
  • Research as much as you can as I mentioned before however I also want you set aside research time and make an end date for this relative to your writing project
  • Make a list of your research and break the list into more ideas- Set aside time to do this
  • Believe in you– Yes, you are going to have hiccups when you are writing and, yes, you are going to feel blocks and you are going to feel frustrated when things do not go according to plan, but at least you have a plan to work with
  • Other people– If you work from home and people keep calling in to say hi, this can take you away from your work and when you are in the zone as it were, the last thing you need is interruptions so please tell people you work from home and to text or ring before they pop in as sometimes you are really focused on your work and, tell them you have set your goals and want to reach them. A good friend will understand, especially if you explain that this is your job
  • Excuses– how good are you at this? It is pretty much the same as procrastination except you justify all the times, you know you were meant to be working because you have a plan and you are off doing something else and then you are making excuses for not getting the results you desire.

In conclusion today

If you have a burning desire to write something great, let nothing stop you

Focus, discipline, creativity, research, consistency, self-believe, momentum, “stickability” and the determination to get the job done. This is who you are if you are to be a great writer.

I hope this triple hack for writers’ block will help you break free from silly habits and excuses.

You have all the resources at your fingertips, now all You have to do is write

I wish you success on your journey and if you have any further questions please email me as I am here to serve you.

Thank you for being here and I hope you bookmark this site so you can drop by again soon

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16 thoughts on “Triple Hack for Writers Block – How to write great content”

  1. Hello there, 

    Just came across to your post, and it just really came right in. I enjoyed reading it as I can totally relate with what you called writers’ block. I experience it sometimes I honestly agree that procrastination is one of the major blocks when writing good contents. When you lose confidence or when you keep making excuses, your progress will definitely slow down. 

    Thank you for your great tips (Hacks). Very useful and valuable. 

    I’ll be looking forward to more of your valuable hacks in the future. 

    Best regards, 


  2. I’ve been suffering from writer’s block recently and have been diving into ways to overcome and so glad i came across this post!

    Your second hack is something that i’m going to apply right away  I need to ignore the noise in my own head that is preventing me from overcoming and get back to writing!

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Barry

      Yes you are in control of your thoughts, so block out the unnecessary ones and keep producing quality content 

      All the best

  3. First of, your site is so shiny, I am totally jealous. Thank you for such a great write up. I write and it means a lot to me when I see someone else who is so interested. The boost it gives me cannot bbe overemphasized. Truly, there are times when we encounter bblocks that tends to llimit our movement. Your words were articulate iin bringing home the things we need to do. Thanks  lots.

    1. you are so welcome and thanks for stopping by today

      Keep writing and the more you write the better you will become

      All the best and glad I helped you today

  4. Thank you so much for this informative post which brings a solution to the writer’s block problem. I once read somewhere that the condition can cause a writer to fail to write even for years. I can imagine how devastating that can be to a writer’s career. I have no doubt that most writers out there will be very grateful to do with this piece of good advice.

    1. I hope so as it is my intention to help as many people possible move through challenges and barrier to go on to do great work

      Thank you for your great comment

  5. This is a great topic and couldn’t have found me at a better time. I have done the research and started to write. Then it wasn’t coming together so I stopped. I’m glad I found your post, now I’m going to go back and write my page as I am supposed to be. Thanks for your tips.

  6. Hey Vicki, Thanks for sharing your 3 hacks. Writers block can be awful, it’s as if your brain is stuck and the more you try to think the more it shuts down. Your hacks break it down in a simple way that people can easily follow and hopefully get back and stay writing without getting any more blocks. I for sure will be taking your guidance … thanks again 😉

  7. Oh boy I came across this at just the right time! I’ve been working on getting my first blog up and running. You are so right about how a lack of confidence can lead to procrastination – which just steals my confidence even more because I’m not getting my work done! I find I just sit and try to think about what to write about and that doesn’t work. I will follow your suggestions to just start doing research to get ideas and jot them down as I go. That will be a great start to get me moving in the right direction. Thank you!

    1. Hy Kyla and thanks for your honesty

      I am glad you found this article helpful and all the moving through those blocks onto creating awesome content

  8. The most difficult task I have, is writing content for my site. The content doesn’t come naturally yet. I struggle on making the necessary research and organizing my conclusions and my own ideas in a single article. Your post helped me take some ideas how to organize my daily job on writing articles for my blog. This is very important for me, as my blog is also a way to earn some incomes online.

    1. Hi Leo

      I’m so glad you got some value from reading this post and all the best overcoming those obstacles and the more you write the easier it becomes

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