What are the Habits of Highly Effective People

Are you using your time wisely as you grow your business?
How do you become highly effective?


Hi, and welcome to Cool change 4u

I’m Vicki, good to connect with you and today is about the habits that are highly effective if you want to become successful in life.

I have reviewed a lot of peoples thoughts and read the books relating to the  habits and felt it would be great to condense a lot of books into one article and I hope it helps all of you who read through this blog

Success is a tricky subject as people have all kinds of thoughts on success and it has been written about by 1000’s fo people over the years

Great books, courses, programs, quotes and videos, of course, all relating to success and I want to share some of my thoughts on Success so let’s get into this

What is Success?

  • You must have a really big WHY
  • A Plan
  • Goals
  • Action
  • Attitude
  • Drive
  • Determination
  • Focus

Your WHY-  Everybody has something they want. A car,  a house, 2 houses, a boat, a motorbike, a villa, a world trip, to own a racehorse, to own a football team, to buy an island,… The list is neverending and every single person has something they would really love. Right? Yes indeed

This is your WHY. An example is this. You really want to be your own boss so you can earn as much as you like, work when you want and create time and money freedom. ( If you want to see what my no.1 recommendation is, click here)

Pretty cool why- That was my Why when I 1st started coaching and today I have time and money freedom which is simply the best way to live :).

What is your WHY?

Please comment below as I would love to know what motivates you

A Plan7 habits of highly effective people review 2018

You now have your WHY, and now you need to create a plan and here are a few ideas for you to get you underway.

Write a list of all the things you love to do, know about, may be of interest to people, something you could teach and this could be something you could use to ct=reate your own business if this is what you would really enjoy doing.

Everything you do towards success has to have a plan, otherwise, your head gets filled with ideas and it all goes around and around however if you write your ideas down, your mind settles and you will get some clarity on what it is you really want to do.

Now construct a plan on where you begin and where you want to go.

I like the idea of writing down the end result of exactly how you see yourself as a truly successful person and how it feels looks and where you are and what you are doing.

Then go back and start working out how to get to where this place is 🙂

What do you need to do 1st?- Write this down. Then the next thing and the next thing and keep on going until you reach your place – the result 🙂 Success and … what you wrote down as the end place you arrived at 🙂


You now have your plan and now its time to break it down into chunks that make the process easy for you.

Every Sunday I write a list of the next 7 days of tasks I want to achieve and every day, I tick them off as I achieve them and what happens when you do this is 2 things.

It holds you accountable

You achieve great results

Give it a try and I’d love to hear your feedback – email me vicki@coolchangecoach.com and let me know how you get on. 🙂

If you want to know how I became successful click here and join for free – No. 1 recommendation for 2018


Action/ Attitude

Every time you tick off something from your list each day it is an action step and this attitude of doing this every day creates success quicker than if you just cruise along thinking you are going to achieve great results.

Procrastination creeps in, laziness, a wandering mind and this leads to no progress and eventually people give up and then say. ” I’m not into it now”. “It’s not my thing” and all sorts of excuses because they stopped.

Their attitude changed, their plans stopped, their tasks stopped and they stopped. Did you know the % of people who do this is extremely high?

Why? Because people want a quick fix. Money now, Success now and if they don’t get it they quit

This attitude leads to no action = No Business or no Dream Holiday and worst of all, No Time Freedom or Money Freedom

These people end up in a job doing the same thing for the next 40 odd years while moaning about it to anyone who will listen.

You have to have what it takes- If you feel like doing a quiz to do this go here

Drive and Determination

You have to have the drive and determination to keep moving in the right direction, to achieve those smaller goals moving you closer to your big goals, your audacious Goals and everytime you feel yourself slipping back into those go nowhere bad habits, tell yourself your WHY and let this keep your drive and determination rocking and you will achieve success, big success doing whatever you choose to do with your life



Focus on the big picture and then focus on your daily tasks

Do not let anyone or anything take you away from where you are going.

This may mean to have to say No to people sometimes when you are working on a task. If they push you, please simply say: I’m doing this because… ” and keep focused and keep working

If they truly care about your why they will respect you and leave you to complete your tasks. If not, its time to give them less time as they will be negative in your progress and this is not ok.

Many people who just don’t want to do anything much with their lives, don’t want us to have it either so please without being unkind you have to set some really strong boundaries with these people if you are to continue working on your WHY to reach those goals 🙂

In conclusion

I really hope this blog have given you the 7 steps to success and this review of the steps to take goes way beyond 2018

If you truly want to live a life with time and money freedom, these 7 things I have written about here today will be a catalyst for you to become great friends with success

I wish you all the best and if you want to see how I made this awesome website please click here and join for free to see if it something you might enjoy.

Having your own website and growing a business online is brilliant and certainly the way of the future.

And remember

“Only I can change my life, nobody can do it for me”

Go easy


Your Cool Change Coach




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