What is a Keyword – Why are keywords important

Hi and welcome to another post from Grow a biz online. I’m Vicki the founder of this business and today  I am covering, what is a keyword and why are keywords important.

What is a Keyword

What is a keyword and are keywords important. They sure are. let me explain more

A keyword is a particular word or phrase that describes the contents of a Web page. Keywords act as shortcuts that sum up an entire page. Keywords help search engines match a page to with an appropriate search inquiry.

Writing Content – Why keywords matter?

When writing a blog or post/article you need to use good keywords in your Title and within your article to attract the search engines and get indexed and if you don’t choose great keywords, you may as well not write. They really are so important.

Writing great content is also important and it should always be helpful to people to either teach them, help them buy something, learn something or understand something more clearly so write really good content with lots of honesty and interest.

If you don’t use keywords when writing chances are Google, Bing and Yahoo are not going to crawl your site because they haven’t got any keywords so will not find any reason to do this.

When you do a keyword search you will be able to see how many visits particular keywords get by web searches, the QSR ( quoted search results) which is so important to Search Engines.

QSR- When choosing keywords always make sure the QSR is under 300 to ensure good results and always make sure your keywords make sense, for example- how money online, is no good, however searching keywords for how to make money online, makes sense. Always be aware of this.

How often should I use Keywords in my blog/article

When you are writing content, you should try to use your keywords in your Title, 1st paragraph and then say your 3rd paragraph but please don’t use your keywords more than this as Google takes this as very bad and you will not get indexed as quickly if at all so please consider how often you use them

Do keywords help with SEO

Keywords definitely help with SEO as it helps SEO connect searchers to what they are looking for and if you use great keywords, you will have people on your site, which is what you want, right?

What is the Alphabet Soup technique

Ok, the alphabet soup technique is this.

Go to google and type in How to… and see what shows in the drop-down. Then use the words in the drop down relevant to what you are wanting to write about and go to your keyword tool, type in the words and click search, then check your QSR to see if they are good keywords to use

Here is an example of this would be.

How do I create a website and watch what comes up in the drop-down on Google?

Choose the relevant words and go keyword searching. It should only take 5 minutes of your time  and will be the best thing you did when writing content

That is the Alphabet soup method for keyword searching

What is a Keyword and are Keywords important – YES, Keywords are probably the most important thing to do when writing.

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Bye for now and have fun with your keyword searching

Come back and share your experience with me as I would love that

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  1. Very helpful article. I never knew the importance of keywords until I started using them. If your niche is pretty much overcrowded, the proper use of keywords will definitely come into play as it will help with your rankings. Thanks for sharing.

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