What is Abundance Mentality – Mindset and More

What is Abundance? Is it the things we own? What about how much money we have?

You own 3 properties, drive the latest model car, have lots of cool friends, a great family so is this abundance?

Let’s take a deeper look into this subject

Money – a healthy bank account

It is really great to have money. Money in the bank, money in your wallet and money invested for those older years but this make you abundant,

Some will say, Oh Yes and others will say No, definitely not so how come these 2 answers relate to abundance

Well, its simple really, you can have millions of dollars and feel miserable which makes abundance seem unreal.

People I have talked to on this subject have come up with some great answers to money and abundance.

One guy said to me” Abundance has got nothing to do with money. Money is just Money”

What are your thought on this?

Another guy said to me” All the money in your bank doesn’t make you happy” Again another statement that deserves consideration.

I came across a guy the other day and asked him ” If you had money would you feel abundant?” and he said” I have got money and I feel abundant but not because I have money” I questioned him on this and what he said was so interesting.

Mindset – What has this got to do with Abundance?Abundance for you

So back to the guy I spoke to last week who said he has got money and it has nothing to do with him feeling abundant.

What he shared with me was this: I am abundant in all areas of my life because I live a good life filled with great people a wonderful family, freedom and time to do whatever I like and I am Happy. I am Rich, not with money although I have quite a bit of that too. I am RICH because my life is enriched by really special people, kindness, fun, laughter and good times.

He went on to say that even when things aren’t so good, he has people around him who care about him and when troubled times come he said he still feels so abundant and knows he can deal with any given situation with an inner feeling of love and strength which makes him feel so abundant inside and out.

What are your thoughts on this?

Expectations – Oh how they can let you down

A lot of people have expectations for example. You are meeting a new person to go on a date- Do you expect anything? Be honest here. Do you? Yes, you do.

You are expecting a certain look, perhaps a certain dress code, a sense of humour, intelligence and a whole lot of other things that go through your mind. And most of all you are hoping the date will be…

Yes, Expectations. Am I wrong here? Please let me know.

I can take it 🙂

You are going to buy another vehicle and before you leave home you will have expectations about the colour, price, model etc and hopefully your expectations are met otherwise you might well not be buying a new car today.

no quite what I expected

Expectations can and do affect our feeling of abundance inside us. We really hope for something special to happen on our birthday, even though we say, it’s just another day. Well, some people do.

Anyway, your birthday comes and goes and only 2 people contact you directly. The rest of your friends make a comment on Facebook.

You feel instantly saddened by this and feel empty because of expectation. Yes, or No/ If you said Yes, most likely your abundance inside needs filling up, because an abundance person would think.

Oh well, I have seen 2 awesome friends who had time to visit and thank you to the others. End of story. Abundance thinking, not loss and misery or lack of thinking.

Try this. For the next 2 days, do not expect anything. Just be thankful for the life you have and how wonderful everything is.

Then come back here and leave a comment on how it made you feel. No expectations of course.

Abundance mentality – what?

What is Abundance Mentality? I like this question and have coached a lot of people around this question.

Everything starts with a thought. You are in control of your mind. Many people think their mind controls them and this is NOT true.

If you look at great sports people and what they achieve, you and I both know so much of their success comes from, Yes, you got it, Their minds.

Athletes spend hours of work on themselves physically and mentally because 1 will not work to its best without the other.

They are Coached for their physical training and they also have Coaches for their mind training and along with that, they are often listening to audio mind programs to ensure their mind is at the same level as their body.

We are no different when it comes to abundance.

When you go to bed at night, be thankful for the day you have had, even if it wasn’t the greatest day. Even the smallest thing that made you smile or made you feel good is worth being thankful for. The food on your table, the TV you enjoyed and so on.

Every time you start listening to that voice that wants to whine about something, Say NO and think of something positive that fills you with happy feelings and be thankful.

Do the same when you get up each morning- Be grateful you are awake and if it is cold and raining and windy, who cares, its just Mother Nature doing her thing, so go do your thing and be abundant

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