What is the Road to Success- Which route will you take?

Are you ready to take the Road to Success- Which route will you take?

Hello and welcome to another post from your Cool change Coach, Vicki 

When I wrote this article I had a bit of fun with the headings as you will see when you read through. they all feel relevant to success so come and see what I’m talking about.

Success, a word used more and more often these days offline and on and I personally love Success but what is the road and how will it lead to success?

Let’s get into this

Eventually, the cement will dry

What this means is this. If you stand in wet cement it will eventually go rock hard and you will be there, stuck, right. 

Well, it’s the same if you don’t keep moving forward with your life. you will become stagnant and you will feel stuck.

Not success that is for sure. Do you agree? Love to know your thoughts on this, please

Success is getting up and doing something proactive in your life.

Some people think it’s having lots of expensive things, like a car, boat, large home, swimming pool etc, however, money and success are quite different.

Yes you can have both and that is true wealth however some people with money are not very good people and some get money dishonestly by hurting other people and these people claim to be successful however they are definitely not successful people nor do they represent success in any way

Are there Rocks and Boulders?What is the road to success

When you make a plan to go for something in your life, your path may not always be smooth and this is a pretty normal occurrence for people starting out.

Don’t let whatever rocks and boulders fall in your way stop you from pushing through to achieve what you want to achieve

There will always be some rocks and even boulders to stop you in your tracks or make you divert your course a little and every time this happens, remember you are learning something valuable so grab the lesson with both hands, learn from it and keep moving forward.

This is a success!!!

Why is there a brick wall?

Another thing that can occur is this. You are rocking along, working extremely long hours building your business or studying or training… and you wake up one morning and you feel stuck.

You feel tired and frustrated and a bit down about what you are feeling.

This is the brick wall you just hit, so what do you do?

You take a break from all you are doing. You go for a walk, go to the beach, take a long nap, read a good book for a few chapters or sit outside under a tree and watch the clouds. Take a break from everything related to what you are doing.

Meditate if this is what you enjoy, do some yoga, anything that relaxes you and brings you back to you.

Now, you are refreshed and ready to start working on whatever it is you are doing.

Border Bullies become your friend    

If you have decided to create your own business say for example online or you have decided to start a rock band or learn mountain climbing or … You are going to share what you are doing with people and then some people are going to try and talk you out of doing what you are doing.


Because they are stuck doing the same old thing day after day and imagine what their life would be like if you, Yes you, became successful.

You might not see them as much. you might have been the person they leant on all the time and now you are off enjoying your success.

Some people like to pull you down with them and please be aware these Border Bullies have no right at all to try and make you feel you should stay with them in the land of familiar and this is not ok so keep moving forward to achieve your goals.

Stopping to feed the Monkeys   What is the road to success

What? Monkeys is a name I have for the cheeky negative thoughts that enter our minds and I say let’s stop feeding them NOW!!

OK, How do you do this when those little (bleep)’s arrive.

You are in control of your mind and you can get rid of those negative thoughts you have,  any time you choose to.

Whenever a negative thought enters your head, you say out loud NO!! is a stern voice and you need to mean it when you say it. Don’t do a soft no as this will not help at all.

A very resounding NO, every time one arrives and within a short time, your mind will not allow the negatives in.

Those monkeys that were feeding off you will go find someone else’s ear to bend and at least it won’t be yours anymore.

You might think this is a bit weird,  however, please do this as I am qualified to give you this information 🙂

And finally…

I hope by reading this today, you have gained some insight into success, the road you will take and how success is so easy to achieve.

I am passionate about helping people know success and there are a lot of great strategies to share with you around success breakthroughs, leadership, lifting self-confidence, overcoming shyness and of course another big one. Procrastination.

If you want to go read my blog on procrastination click here and you will be off to learn some more skills to move you forward even more and you do know that the only constant thing in life is change 🙂

Think about that for a minute

The only constant thing is, change

Hmmm… maybe it is another post getting ready to appear 🙂

I need a favour before you go

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And lastly, remember to go easy

Your Success Coach at Cool Change Coach

See you soon I hope


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