Write E-Books that sell

Today is all about creating your ebook to sell – A really great idea to help people is by creating an ebook

So let’s get into this subject

Picking a subject – What do people want?

A good idea is to do some research online about what people are looking for? Are they looking for DIY, How to earn money, how to make a crib, How to gain more confidence? The list is endless

Millions of people are searching for how to, online every day and if you do some good research you will come up with a great idea. Brainstorm until you find something you are really interested in helping people with. When you write you have to know your subject and give a true representation in an engaging way to captivate your readers. So Important!!

Layout – How many words or pages

When you have chosen your subject matter, then you need to determine how long you want your book. If it is a novel it is going to be long, however, if it is a book to help people gain more knowledge in a particular field, then it may only have, say 20 pages- you will know once you get started

Organize before you start writing – Setting up topics

Always set up your topics in Bold, before you start writing as this will give you a more concise way of writing, instead of drifting in and out of different topics as you write. If you have paragraph topics you will write your 1st, then 2nd and so on giving the readers an easy to understand ebook which will sell easier as well. You will get much better reviews if your ebook is easy to read and written well.

Here is an example of what I mean

  • Title – How to make a wooden coffee table
  • About the author
  • Tools you will need
  • Wood products and extras
  • Plan to build from
  • The time it will take and why

Include pictures as this makes it more interesting and you can even insert links to take people back to your website for more details if need. This keeps people engaged in your business

Also a good idea is to have a program working alongside you to check off your grammar and spelling etc as you don’t want to write a book containing a lot of errors and believe me, it happens so often with writers who think they have edited their work and it is good to go, when the reality is, their book is full of errors. Not good at all


Grammarly is one of the best products I use when writing- I highly recommend you try it

Marketing – Selling

In order to write ebooks that sell you have to know who your market is going to be. Is it mainly men or women or teenagers, or children. What ages are you aiming at? Really important because when you are writing you are writing to this age group to work out who your market is going to be.

Some of my books have been quite a general market say age ranging 18- 55 for both men and women and this is great because there are millions of people in this age bracket as you can imagine.

Places to sell your book- Amazon, of course, Social media platforms, email lists you may have and if you have a website, this will be a very good place to sell your ebook if you have payment methods set up, which is easy to do, especially PayPal

Are you ready?

I hope this has given you some help on how to write ebooks that sell. If you have any questions please join the mailing list or ask me in comments below

Here is an ebook for you to have a look through- Who knows it might inspire you

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20 thoughts on “Write E-Books that sell”

  1. It’s not easy to write an e-book for sale. If you let me write an e-book, it really takes a lot of courage to try. But with the help of grammarly, we will have enough confidence in yourself. The title and content construction of e-books is also extremely important, as well as the market that users demand, which is also the key to solid sales of e-books. If we can expand this business, it will be a potential business opportunity. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great article! I’ve often wondered how someone writes an e-book. You’ve given a great synopsis on how to get started. In fact, you make it seem fairly simple. I might have to look into writing an e-book for profit! Thanks for the info!

  3. Thank you Vicki for the great information and inspiration!

    I have wanted to write an e-book for awhile, but have been too intimidated! It helped that you broke down how to create a story and the questions that will need to be answered.

    I have heard of grammarly before, is it kind of like word? What makes Grammarly so special?

    1. Hi Delanee
      Never be intimidated by your talents. Just share what you know as an ebook and give it away or sell it. If you share great information to help people I am sure your books will be very successful
      Grammarly takes care of your grammar, spelling, phrasing, in fact, everything you need to create a faultless content creation
      I use it all the time and it saves me so much time not worrying about having to edit everything I write
      A fabulous tool
      If you have any further questions, please get in touch as I am here to help
      Best wishes

  4. Well now I know a whole lot more the I did before I read your article. It made me think that I might be able to write an ebook on my favourite topic, gardening. This is a very interesting topic, one which I’d love to know much more about. You have managed to get my creative juices to flow. The only thing I’d like to ask you is.. Please don’t exclude the over 55’s from your general audience. All the best Jim

    1. Hi Jim- I will definitely keep the age for my audience great as I believe people of all ages will get some good information when they visit as you did today
      Jim, I also love gardening and if you need any assistance with information please let me know as I am here to help
      Kind wishes

  5. E-book is the ‘in’ thing these days, and I think they are here to stay for some time, in this digital age. I read on Kindle too, it’s convenient.
    Thanks for the great tips on writing an e-book. It certainly has given me some inspiration.

  6. It’s been proven over the last 10-15 years that e-books have tremendous value in online marketing. E-books are excellent to use as a free gift to get potential customers to sign up for your e-mail list.

    You can also create your own digital product in the form of an ebook and actually sell it. Although I like the idea of using a e-book to get people to opt into my e-mail list better.

    Great post.

  7. This is awesome, My girlfriend and I were thinking of making an E-book we can sell on Amazon. This should be a good base on writing the book. This gave me some more criteria to think about like the age range! Hopefully, with this help, we can write an E-Books that will sell!

  8. I completely agree, writing an e-book takes some research and brainstorming in order to get a great idea going and increase the possibility of sales. The information you present is very good and it’s very helpful for those who are thinking of writing ebooks.

    I have been considering writing an e-book and have been considering what subject to focus on…. Amazon is on the top of my list for publishing and selling.

    I really appreciate this information.
    Thanks for sharing.

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