Writing a Blog – What can be helpful

Today, I thought I would cover a few things I find really important as a writer. whether it is a book, a blog, a poem or an article having the right tools are essential.

Choosing your subject

When choosing what to write about, always make sure you get to know your subject before you start writing.

Readers pick up very quickly whether you are authentic or just another one of those copy and paste kind of writers and will lose interest and trust

Research – Always a great place to start

Do your research and be as thorough as you can. This will give you insight into your subject matter and you will most definitely right more freely if you know what you are sharing with others. I have read 100’s of blogs and quite often, I think to myself. here we go, another piece of not very interesting c….  dare I say this.

Knowledge helps people and isn’t that what you are trying to achieve when you write something.

So please do your research and you will get a lot more people engaging with you.

Preparation for your Blog

  • Title – look for keywords
  • Content – work out at least 5 new content titles to write about
  • A conclusion to your blog – let the readers know your final thoughts on your blog and encourage them to make a comment or email you so you stay connected
  • Now get writing
  • Check your Grammar and spelling as there is nothing worse than a whole lot of errors when someone reads your blog. Again this makes people leave and move on to something better and as you know there are 1000s of places to look for a great blog on peoples interests

Tools you will need – Helpful stuff

  • A thesaurus could be helpful
  • Keyword tool
  • Different writing styles
  • Spell and Grammar Check

I have done a lot of research on keywords and I find Jaaxy really great so take a look and see what you think

Also, I have found Grammarly to be the best tool I have used to check Grammar and spelling before I publish. Grammarly does all the hard work for you and it is brilliant. I highly recommend it to you as a blogger and writer

In conclusion, I know this post is short but I feel it is really important to all writers and bloggers to do it right and get more readers, after all, isn’t that why you write/blog.

I would value your feedback so please leave a comment or join our mailing list and I will come back to you within 24 hours

Enjoy and I’ll see you soon





6 thoughts on “Writing a Blog – What can be helpful”

  1. Hello Vicki. Even your short articles are fantastic and still very informative. I agree as a blogger myself you need to know what your writing about last thing you want to do is bore your readers.
    I have read so many articles that I have lost interest in the first paragraph it didn’t feel real.
    More people could learn from you guidance and suggestions and become successful bloggers or writers.
    Thank you so much for the great read.

    1. Hey David – welcome back to coolchange4u and thank you for your awesome feedback
      I hope everything is going great with you as well
      Kind wishes

  2. Many times it takes me hours to write a blog because I want it to be accurate. Especially, true when I write a review on a product. That can take a full day! I do a lot of research on the product, read other reviews, gather up my screenshots, find keywords, then decide on a layout. Maybe it’s too much but I just want it to be informative. How long does it take you to write a blog?

    1. Hi Annette- Thank you for sharing this with me

      When you are writing, once you have set up your paragraphs, try to write as if you are sharing information with a friend and this will help your words flow more easily

      Doing you research etc is fantastic as your audience of readers will really appreciate your knowledge and honesty which will bring more readers to your site as word spreads

      I love writing and everyone is different so please don’t let how long it takes you be a barrier. Just enjoy the process and success will follow

      All the very best and if you have any more questions please just ask


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