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When writing about anything it is always good to have the right tools to help you so in this article, I’m going to be sharing some really good tools and how they work

Brainstorming – How does this help?

Quite often it is good to chat with someone about your writing ideas as they may say some things that help you add great content. Ask people questions relating to what you are going to write about. People love it when you ask for their help or ask questions that open their thoughts and who knows what nuggets you will get from a conversation.

Also, research the subject you are going to write about so you can help people with the knowledge you have learned.

When writing, be honest and be engaging -Write as if you are talking to a good friend.

WordPress  – What is it all about 

WordPress is an open source system allowing you to build beautiful websites and blog.

31% of the web uses WordPress – Hobbyists, Corporates, and  News Sites online.

Seo Friendly, Customizable Designs, High Performace, High Security, Responsive Mobile Sites, Powerful Media Management and easy to access

There are some downsides to using WordPress. it can tricky if you are a newbie to this type of program so it may be wise to find a platform that incorporates WordPress in their program and has training as part of the package.

WordPress is great and I use  it for all my online work, however, I do belong to a platform with everything on tap which is pretty awesome and it sure makes my life easier

Jaaxy – How to find Keywords easily

Jaaxy is one of the best keyword programs in my opinion.

I have found it invaluable when it comes to keyword searches and I recommend it to anyone who is creating online content.

It is really easy to use, there is a great support offered and it really helps with Google rankings should you use it.

Again Jaaxy is included with the platform I use, as part of the membership and I use it every time I write an article/blog

Grammarly- Yes, please

Grammarly is another tool I use every time I write. It is such a great tool to use and I highly recommend you use it.

I spoke to my daughter today and she is currently training to be a Dog Groomer and she is very busy writing assignments so I made a suggestion, she get Grammarly and later on today she rang me. ” Mum it is amazing, Thank you so much for this suggestion. My writing has been so much easier as I can just keep writing and when I finished Grammarly helped me with my punctuation spelling and grammar. So cool”

I’m so glad I was able to help her with this suggestion

When you have tried these tools, please come back and place your feedback in the comments. Yes, I feel very confident your comments will be really good, S0 go for it

See you soon






12 thoughts on “Writing Tools for your Online biz”

  1. Lovely article, I really lean on my tools when writing. Grammarly is a real lifesaver, I don’t know how I got along without it. The WordPress writing tools are also pretty good, but when combined with Grammarly it really takes the results to the next level. Surely makes proofreading a breeze. Thanks for the information.


  2. Hello Vicki, great article on these great tools. I have a wordpress website that is SEO ready which I use to create my blogs. It is very easy to use, and you the option to add some plugins to your site that can be beneficial such as Asikmet, and Social Media Icons. I love Jaaxy!!! With this tool, you can find the right keywords for your blogs, and get ranked on the first page of Google. I have never used Grammarly before, but I will have to start soon. Thanks again, I wish nothing but success for you!!!

    1. Hi Ahmed and thank you so much for your input here and also for the very kind words
      Keep visiting as I appreciate your comments and wish you success in all you do

  3. I am currently on my way to go check out Grammarly, as soon as I complete this comment. My spelling is awful. I had always thought it to be good, till I myself started writing a blog.
    Thanks for sharing this nugget!

  4. Hey, those are indeed some pretty strong tools that I also use requlary, especially Jaaxy has saved me a lot of time and provided me with some pretty good keywords. Only backside is that they don’t work with my home language but for english I would dare to say they are the best Tools availible.
    Best regards,

  5. Hey, this list is on point, and can really help someone like myself who doesn’t have all the answers. Jaxy is a great tool that helps me find keywords that have less competition, and this for me means less time being spent worrying about content, and I also get higher rankings for some of these terms. Thank you for this well put together list,

    1. Hi Brandon, yes Jaaxy and Grammarly are my 2 favourite tools for content writing- I wouldn’t be without them
      Thank you for your feedback and all the best

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